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The Great Gatsby

I was ecstatic when I was invited to Imperial Palace’s Client Appreciation Party last Saturday. What made it more awesome was the party theme… The 20’s! It’s the Jazz era people… This is my era!

The first thing that popped in my head was: Flapper, flapper, and flapper!!!! The 20’s girls sport their short hair with hats, feathered headpieces, matched with pumps, and flapper dresses. This is my vision of what I would look like if I were to be transported back to that awesome period!


Dress:Mags| Headpiece: Gift | Pearl Necklace: Maze | Pumps: Taiwan | Clutch: Mom’s


I’m in the mood for some sepia to add to the theme of the 20’s! What do you think? Hehe.


This feathered piece was given as a gift from my “fashionista” friend! It completed the whole outfit dear! Thanks!


My mom’s glitzy vintage clutch!


I’m not enticed by the whole “Pearl necklaces” look but the women of that time flaunted it. So I guess these candy colored beads with pearls would have to do! Oh and because it’s my good pal’s birth month, I decided to look a bit girly for the night.  What do you say? 😉


My friend told me the reason behind the flapper dress. It was like a feminist movement that time wherein girls wore heavy makeup, cut their hair short, and wore their dresses really short.  Don’t worry, I’m not starting a movement with my outfit! 😉










The Cabaret!



My  good pals and I having a blast!


Serendipity Band



It was a grand event indeed full of cabaret dancers and jazz music. Sadly, they didn’t play any Louis Armstrong , Ella Fitzgerald, or Billie Holiday songs with a dash of Kenny G groove! 😦 If you’re not familiar with these singers, they’re the ones who sang “What a Wonderful World”, “At Last”,  and”Georgia On My Mind”.  I can’t complain though because I had a full stomach and I still had fun catching up with friends and simply enjoying the night away!

To more themed parties like these!


Mish Mash Cookout

Born in a family of foodies and chefs, it’s always a blessing to enjoy delicious meals together whether it’s home-cooked or from a near restaurant.

So when my relatives thought of having a mini cookout for no reason at all, I would never say NO!

This happened a few months ago. So guys, please forgive me when I just posted this right now. (Don’t hurt me!!!)



Creativity sinks in, when they decided to make “Guacamole” Wantons. Guacamole is an avocado based Mexican sauce.This is usually paired with nachos when you are having a Mexican Cook-out but in our case, we decided to go Asian, Wanton wrappers were the choice!


Aren’t they gorgeous? I have to commend my relatives for plating these. They looked too good to eat!




I’m not a fan of pork but my cousin decided to add orange marmalade to his pork dish and I’d have to say it’s a great mix!


DIET? what Diet? Attack!!!!


Because we are “health-conscious”, we decided to add Vegetable Pasta to the menu.


Make sure to buy a good quality pasta to get that springy, awesome pasta taste! Drizzle some olive oil and some garlic chips and this pasta is good to go!


For dessert, they decided to go for Chocolate Float. Graham Crackers, Vanilla Ice Cream,….


And of Course, Oodles and Oodles of Chocolate Syrup!!!!!!


I like to act like a food critic at times and say there  are improvements needed. (Yes, there are improvements to be done with some of the dishes.) But, I have to applaud them for their hard work and cooperation to pull this off!

The Result? Happy and Satisfied Bellies!!!!


To more cookouts like this!!!!! This time, I hope I’ll be able to help out in the kitchen! 😉 Great job guys!


I was just browsing through my notes from facebook and I decided to reblog this post to remind me of a spiritual lesson I learned years ago…


May 1, 2010 at 6:12pm

Yes, everyone knows my elfin size. President GMA would be psyched to find and meet someone her height…noh? But hey, I never allowed my height to overcome what I could do. I have accepted what the LORD has given me, small frame and all. But what I am about to write is not about my height, but a spiritual and comedic lesson.

Our family was in Manila November last year. We were staying in this hotel. It was also good timing that an international volleyball tournament was going on that day. There were a lot of towering male volleyball players from all countries. You name it. China, Korea, Germany, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and India. Especially India, I’ll never forget! Now these colossal guys are around 6 feet tall. We’re talking “hitting the ceiling tall”. It’s no surprise that people would stare and glance whenever these guys pass by.

Anyways, I was with my family right? However that time, I thought I forgot something in the room during breakfast. So I had to take the elevator. I pressed the up button and got inside thinking I’d be the only one to ride. Then suddenly, the doors opened again. Behold, a mighty throng of these sky-high INDIAN volleyball players surrounded me! I couldn’t budge. I’m not exactly a claustrophobic, but that was the right time to feel that way! That was the right time to feel like a square peg in a round hole. That was the right time to actually feel so puny! I had to look down on my toes or else my jugular veins would distend if I glanced. I mean, one of those guys had to bend his head because he’s too tall for the elevator! Nope, I’m not exaggerating. This is total reality! So there we were, and what a long way to go! They started looking at me and seemed to gossip in their Indian language. Paranoia seeps in. “What are they talking about?” “What are they thinking?” “What a puny asian girl. She’s up to my hips!” “What’s a grade schooler doing in an elevator alone?” Of course, these are only my crazy, so called delusions at that time. Haha! Thankfully, I was the first to go out. I took a DEEP BREATH. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Whew! That was the longest elevator ride I ever had!

i told my family about it and they buck down in laughter. Traitors! Kidding aside. The lesson I learn here is not about my height but about my pride! I guess GOD allowed that situation to let me see that life’s not about me. The problem with us humans is that we let our pride grow bigger than us, then we start to think we’ve got the hang of it. We forget the GOD who created the universe, who holds us in His hands, who should be taking full control of our lives. That zany moment of my life teaches me to be humble and remember, GOD has great things in store for me and for us, and that we’ve got a BIG GOD bigger than our problems and worries.

So now, my height reminds me to make my pride smaller and smaller while GOD’s sovereignty BIGGER and BIGGER!

Feather Me This

I have this weird fascination with feathers when they were on trend for some time. Up to now, I still like to fuse them with my outfits.


In this case, I was inspired by the Safari. Making it look more urban, denim wins this round!  Imagine me going out to the deserts looking for animals and reporting about them live Ala National Geographic. People would think I’m sick! Indiana Jones would probably shake his head in surfeit.


Lately, I like wearing plains so that my accessories would stand out.  One tip in buying clothes is knowing that you’d use them for a long time. Denim tops are your best bet because they’ll never go out of style!


Denim Top: Cache Cache| Jeggings: The Flower Collection | Earrings: Promod |Hex Cuff: July|Earrings: Promod | Belt: Zara (GIft) | Rings: F21 |Bag: Nine West | Feather Printed Wedges:Comfit


I’ll never get tired of these quirky feathered earrings. They always spice up what other people would call a “blah” outfit!IMG_1151

 Look at the little menagerie on my fingers!  I love animals!


I love the bright and colorful feather print from this Comfit number! It’s so me! Want to get comfy and high quality shoes? Drop by the 2nd floor of J Centre Mall for great finds!


Since I was so bright and colorful, I went minimal on makeup and focused on the winged eyeliner effect instead. (The Rock Star In Me still Lives!) What do you think?IMG_1134

Don’t be afraid to take out your plains. Work it with accessories!  Likened to an artist’s paints to his canvass, so shall it be with your accessories to plain clothes!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

God bless you! 😉

Pray For The Philippines

Trust me, this is going to be a quick post.

philippine flag

A lot of things happened this year to our dear country. I’m muddled to admit that I remember the bad stuff more than the good ones. Take Typhoon Maring, the Napoles scandal, the collision of 2 ferry lines causing numerous death, elections, the change of BIR receipts, and so much more that you’d probably shut down the computer in disgust! (Being my good reader, you wouldn’t do that, would you?)

Our country has always been associated with corruption a lot of times.  In this mess, President Aquino and His team must have numerous “head-splitting” migraines made by past floundering officials! With these situations at hand, mere citizens like us can’t do anything but rally, rally, and rally! And for those who just can’t take it, do things they regret later on! These can’t solve much because we aren’t in authority to change the law for the good of the country.

The Philippines is known as a Christian country and every Filipino knows that when we are in chaos, we call on GOD who holds our country in His hands. He knows all the malice and the good that’s going on in every nook and cranny. It doesn’t hurt to call on Him who cares not just for our personal needs, but the needs of our country as well. There are a lot of people who do more evil than good. That’s probably because they have the wrong perception of HIM as a divine dictator when in fact, He is a merciful yet just God!

Repentance is key, and not just through our lips, but through our actions!

I’m not knowledgeable about the whole political aspect of the republic of the Philippines and all its operations.  What I do know is that if we want to see change in our country, it starts with prayer!  I hope we take time (me included) to pray for peace and for a better economy and government operations! I’m sure God would answer in His time!

Salut d’ Amour (Love’s Greetings) – Sounds of August

We recently had our recital this month and I was quite ecstatic when I was given this piece to play. Salut d’ Amour was composed by Edward Elgar and it means Love’s Greetings. I’ve heard this piece a number of times when I started learning to play the violin and I envisioned myself playing it someday. I had the opportunity to play such a romantic piece that it brought me to tears! Okay, enough drama!


I was once again accompanied by the awesome Dr. Ingrid Santamaria and I just found out that this piece was one of her favorite pieces! Talk about added pressure! Now, I’ve been playing for recitals for years since I was a kid, but I never understood the fact that my nerves would always get the best of me once I’m on stage. So when Dr. Ingrid congratulated me, I felt so dorky because I knew I didn’t play well as my rehearsals and practices. But then I remember like every other concert, recital, or presentation, the show must go on! The aim is not to be the Best of the rest but to always get better and better!


My mentor, Sir Rey Abellana, inspiring me and his students with his playing! 😉


Doctor Ingrid giving her inspirational speech


The obligatory photo op! I’m so sorry for the late post Doc!

I want to thank my family and friends for your never ending support from taking pictures to simply being there to listen!

To more recitals like these and  I hope I get to play better in the next!