FOOD for THOUGHT: Casa Verde Ramos

Hello fellow foodies out there… I have promised that I will post what I ate during the Bridal Shower of my friend…. So feast your eyes on these succulent treats:

Casa Verde's SMB Burger

It’s an old American Diner treat: Burger and Fries: What makes it really great is that it’s big enough to share for two! I always loved cheese, mushroom, and bacon together! So this is a winner!

Nothin' beats good ol' tea!

Ever since my trip to Taiwan in the earlier years, tea has become part of my daily system…. My day doesn’t go by without a cup or glass of good ol’ Tea! I prefer the herbal/brewed type over the processed ones… But most restos here have processed teas, unless we go to an honest to goodness Chinese restaurant…… Beggars can’t be choosers, so this Lipton tea would do me fine…. A tip for those who want to control their diet: Drink a lot of tea after having a buffet meal or even any heavy meal! It helps lessen the bloated feeling and it makes you full enough that you won’t really try to go for more rounds than you should! I do this all the time….duh! haha! 😀

Death by Chocolate Ice Cream Cake.... *drool*

Everyone screams for Ice Cream!…. This is one of Casa Verde’s best sellers! Ice cream will always be part of everyone’s fave dessert list, and so is mine! I honestly felt that this ice cream cake was too sweet  and I had to watch my figure so since we were many, we were able to gobble this up… all of it… Sorry… you’ll have to order one yourself… 😀

Food. Friends. Fun….. What else could I ask for?

‘Till next foodie blog! Keep your eyes open! 😉



Time flies too fast and now my highschool friend is tying the knot! … I really can’t imagine how she’s actually going to leave singlehood so soon! Me and my highschool friends are excited for her… so excited that we decided to throw her a bridal shower last Sun…. along with some coaxing from her sister and cousins… Thanks so much for the help by the way!…. The bride was truly surprised! SUCCESS!!!! Here are a few pictures of what we mostly did during that day….

Here we are enjoying our meals.... Great Food, Great Ambience, and Great Service...only in Casa Verde, Ramos! Awesome!

As for what I ate… I’ll put it in a separate blog……. Here are the other things we did:

We played Bridal Gown Making Contest using only tissue paper and tape... and these two were the models... Wonder if these two would be the next ones down the aisle! 😉

The bride all smudged up because of wrong answers to questions about her love life with her fiancee.... Tsk! Tsk!

We all had a great time!!!!..... I'm crossing my fingers for the next girl in line down the aisle! Who could it be? 😉