Yup, I was bored so I decided to post a fashion blog because I like to dress up and be silly for the moment!

We always say Don’t dress to impress but Dress to Express… So here’s how I express my silliness through fashion….

I see you....

I entitled this blog raccoon dog because that’s how it’s spelled right?… If you notice my top, It just has one O in it… C’mon give English justice! Haha! 😀

FEDORA:SM accessories, RED GLASSES:Ayala Maze, LAYERED NECKLACE:G by Guess, FRINGED TOP:Vintage Shop (Singapore), LEATHER SKIRT:Forever21, GLADIATOR HEELS:Taiwan

I’m a self-confessed eccentric dresser… so I can go from rocker to girly, to vintage, to boho… Let’s just say I’d like to surprise! So to give you a little of my taste, I usually trudge around vintage and rocker with a hint of grunge…. So fringes, holes, anything that looks messy, that’s me! It’s all bout making the weird cool right?

I chose the fringed top and paired it with my black leather skirt because nothing spells rocker than a leather skirt right? 😛 To add some oomph, I put on my overused black fedora, a layered necklace and some red glasses (check out the raccoon, it’s wearing glasses too… corny!!!)…. and you’re good to go! This look can actually go from day to night…. Just switch the heels to flats for day and put on the heels at night! Voila!

And since we’re talking about raccoons, here are pictures of these cute naughty creatures:

Are you sure you're a raccoon or a koala?

If you don't know these characters, you didn't have a childhood

The cute little thing... munching on his snack

Let's have a staring contest... I WIN!

‘Till next fashion/random blog! Tata!



Known as the hotpot of cultures, Singapore doesn’t dissapoint us not just in their attractions, but most especially for their FOOD! So get ready to let your taste buds be tickled with these pics…. WARNING: This might be too hard to handle so I suggest you stay far from the fridge as possible!

DAY 1:

One of Singapore's main dishes: Hainanese Chicken... Totally love it! The rice had some chunks of ginger in it! Healthy and superb all together!

Me and my fave milk tea... Try Gong Cha (brand)! I'll always be a tea addict! ❤

My cousin had this Indonesian dish: Laksa… it’s a noodle soup with curry and coconut milk! I give this a thumbs up! ❤

He also had an Indian treat with this Onion Pratta paired with curry in Kopi Tiam, which was near our Hotel... This dish tastes a little bit like Roti bread but the dough is a bit thicker.... but this is awesome!

My sister had Strawberry Mango Sago Ice Crush with Milk in Kopi Tiam also... It was a refreshing dessert to end the whole meal! It's the Singaporean version of Halo-halo! A definite must try!

DAY 2:

I had this red bean soup with sago and a fresh soy milk drink in Universal Studios.... It just tasted like our local "Monggos" dessert. I have to be honest that the Philippine version tastes better! Sorry, I love my own! 😉

My cousin introduced me to Jumbo Restaurant in Clarke Quay to try out Singapore's famed food: Chili Crab... It was worth the long wait because people can't get enough of this yummy treat..... It was a great way to end the night! 😉

Before hitting the sack, we had blueberries for a treat!!! Yum! (If it weren't for the caption, The picture looks like small coals....)

DAY 3: The best dinner night we had…. Try out Marche Restaurant, a Swedish Restaurant in Singapore… Branches are found in 313@Somerset and VivoCity Malls!

My cousin and I had Gravalax Salmon with Potato Rosti and Sour Cream on the side... I added extra spring onion with lemon to add more zest... It's the best dish I had throughout my whole trip in Singapore so far! Can't wait to get back to eat this! 😛

Italian Soup (Tomato Basil) on the left and (Mushroom Soup) on the right....What made it extra special was that they used truffle mushrooms, one of the most expensive mushrooms in the planet and it tasted like Heaven!!!!

I finished up with this basil lemonade drink! Have my pictures convinced you yet? 😉

DAY 4: We had an Asian Fusion Lunch at Food Republic in Somerset Mall… It was a blast!

My sister had Thai Chicken with Fried Rice

My cousin had chicken with Java Rice... I'm not particularly sure...what kind of asian food is this... Sorry... but it does look drool-worthy!

I had Prawn Noodles.... To be honest, it doesn't taste as it looks... But it did make me full... and the Tao Ge was cooked well... Next time, I'll order the spicy one!

Of course, A Singapore trip isn' t complete without feasting on Satay paired with Peanut Sauce... Just Delightful!!!! I know it sounds one-sided...but believe me, it is heavenly!!!!

We ended the night in Din Tai Fung for the "to-die-for" Shao Long Pao (dumplings with soup)... The main branch of this restaurant is in Taiwan, in which it tastes better.... but, the Singapore branch didn't disappoint either.... 🙂

To sum it all up, when I hear Singapore, I gravitate towards the food areas… Tsk tsk…. But the good thing is, after eating up, we walked a lot.. We walked for more than 8 hours…. and when I came home, I gained only a pound! Hurrah for me and for the others who maintained their weight! I can’t wait to get back here for another food trip!

Now you know my secret…. My occupation as a chowhound has been revealed… Guilty as charged! But hey, I bet you enjoyed! Keep posted ’till the next foodie blog! 😉 Ciao!


The first time I got my hands on a violin was during a school presentation. Our school principal was going to give away a free half-sized violin to anyone who could bring up their family members up on stage. I nudged my hesitant family for the chance of a lifetime with the instrument! Up to this day, I’ll never regret this picture. It’s priceless! I started to play the violin when I was in the fourth grade and after graduating elementary, I continued my lessons with Professor Flores. It was tough managing time between practice and schoolwork. But with Prof. Flores’ guidance and discipline, I was able to improve in my playing! During this time, I was also able to play for our church services, which enhanced my confidence!

I stopped having violin lessons when I was in college due to the heavy load of schoolwork and duties. I thought that my journey with the violin would just end there. But after graduating college, I met up with Prof. Flores’ student who is now my teacher, Mr. Abellana, who sharpened my skills as well! He also gave me the chance to join an orchestra,my lifelong dream fulfilled last year! I met my former teachers there and they were surprised that I actually came back to play the violin! Playing my violin with the orchestra is another great experience in which I believe has better developed my skills even more!

Indeed, I believe the violin and I were meant for each other because no matter what hindrances that come my way, as stated in my experience, we still manage to find each other in my arms as cheesy as it sounds! It has truly become my lifelong companion! So I end this with good news for you, I’ll never stop playing!


I believe in some way everyone has been bullied no matter what age we are in…. I was once bullied when I was in the 2nd grade… She would take my snacks from me and my classmates…. She would even ask for almost everyone’s lunch!  It did bother me to a point that my mom had to come to school to confront her… It’s quite embarassing to share this… but that’s what happened! After that, the bullying stopped…..

There are some of you who know and there might be some of you who might be surprised to hear this fact……  but I was once a BULLY myself… Yes, puny old me bullied my classmates when I was in elementary… and it was for the heck of it!

Bullying can come in many forms in where the victim is affected mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. In my case, I bullied in the verbal way. I hurled insults and teased my classmates to no end to the point that everyone hated me…. I believe the teachers had no idea because I also tried my best with my grades…. It then dawned on me that if I kept this up, I wouldn’t have friends in the future…. I had to change! But it wasn’t easy because everytime I enter the classroom, my classmates would give me dagger looks… but I don’t blame them for that……

During that time, I started to join our church’s youth meetings and I came to know Jesus who actually cared for me despite how bad I can be….With His help, I changed…. and During my birthday, I invited all my classmates whom I’ve hurt and said sorry…. I thanked God because they did accept my apology and until now, despite the busyness…. we do say catch up when we can….. Plus, let’s just say everyone has just grown up…. ( I think?)…. hehehe… 😀 Anyways, looking back, it’s not a pretty sight nor a great memory that I would like to remember… but it was a great lesson for me to know that bullying or to be bullied is no fun at all! It’s a waste of energy and time… Plus, you don’t gain anything but enemies in the end!

In other countries, we hear that students commit suicide because of bullying…. and to think some ot these reasons are minimal like it’s because of their race, economic status, or maybe, they’re just plain jealous! I looked up bullying on the net and I came across this picture…..

This diagram speaks quite true about the bullying culture…. and most of the time there are only a few who are brave enough to stand up for the victim….. and most are of that disengaged onlooker…. who just don’t want to be involved……..

It’s time to take a stand … Le’ts go hand in hand…. Bullying has got to stop!

I just have something to say to bullies out there…. It’s not worth your time at all! You would look back and regret that you have done this and hurt the innocent ones… Trust me…. I KNOW what it feels like! It’s time to reach out…. clothe ourselves with love and forgiveness… and the world would be a much better place!