The first time I got my hands on a violin was during a school presentation. Our school principal was going to give away a free half-sized violin to anyone who could bring up their family members up on stage. I nudged my hesitant family for the chance of a lifetime with the instrument! Up to this day, I’ll never regret this picture. It’s priceless! I started to play the violin when I was in the fourth grade and after graduating elementary, I continued my lessons with Professor Flores. It was tough managing time between practice and schoolwork. But with Prof. Flores’ guidance and discipline, I was able to improve in my playing! During this time, I was also able to play for our church services, which enhanced my confidence!

I stopped having violin lessons when I was in college due to the heavy load of schoolwork and duties. I thought that my journey with the violin would just end there. But after graduating college, I met up with Prof. Flores’ student who is now my teacher, Mr. Abellana, who sharpened my skills as well! He also gave me the chance to join an orchestra,my lifelong dream fulfilled last year! I met my former teachers there and they were surprised that I actually came back to play the violin! Playing my violin with the orchestra is another great experience in which I believe has better developed my skills even more!

Indeed, I believe the violin and I were meant for each other because no matter what hindrances that come my way, as stated in my experience, we still manage to find each other in my arms as cheesy as it sounds! It has truly become my lifelong companion! So I end this with good news for you, I’ll never stop playing!



  1. I’m still trying to imagine you playing at church at your coming old days… :))

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