Yup, I was bored so I decided to post a fashion blog because I like to dress up and be silly for the moment!

We always say Don’t dress to impress but Dress to Express… So here’s how I express my silliness through fashion….

I see you....

I entitled this blog raccoon dog because that’s how it’s spelled right?… If you notice my top, It just has one O in it… C’mon give English justice! Haha! 😀

FEDORA:SM accessories, RED GLASSES:Ayala Maze, LAYERED NECKLACE:G by Guess, FRINGED TOP:Vintage Shop (Singapore), LEATHER SKIRT:Forever21, GLADIATOR HEELS:Taiwan

I’m a self-confessed eccentric dresser… so I can go from rocker to girly, to vintage, to boho… Let’s just say I’d like to surprise! So to give you a little of my taste, I usually trudge around vintage and rocker with a hint of grunge…. So fringes, holes, anything that looks messy, that’s me! It’s all bout making the weird cool right?

I chose the fringed top and paired it with my black leather skirt because nothing spells rocker than a leather skirt right? 😛 To add some oomph, I put on my overused black fedora, a layered necklace and some red glasses (check out the raccoon, it’s wearing glasses too… corny!!!)…. and you’re good to go! This look can actually go from day to night…. Just switch the heels to flats for day and put on the heels at night! Voila!

And since we’re talking about raccoons, here are pictures of these cute naughty creatures:

Are you sure you're a raccoon or a koala?

If you don't know these characters, you didn't have a childhood

The cute little thing... munching on his snack

Let's have a staring contest... I WIN!

‘Till next fashion/random blog! Tata!


4 thoughts on “RACCOON DOG

  1. gEli!!!! you don’t know how much this post means to me!! *not only bec. of the fashionista bit…. but because tanuki (japanese for raccoon dog) or raccoons remind me of my mom!!! ♥♥♥ and it’s been that way for years!!!*

  2. bwahaha! you didn’t have a childhood! that caption made me laugh so much.

    the clothes are nice too. so you, gelly!

  3. I left one comment already but it didn’t appear. 😐

    Anyway, love the comment under Pocahontas! Bwahahaha!

    Really good first post, Gelly! 😀

  4. Lorri: hehehe…. That’s cool!

    Daisy: Thanks for commenting Dais! But it’s not my first post…hehehe… Thanks anyways!

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