We have heard about music festivals wherein crowds gather together just to bask in the beautiful music created by various musicians.. It all dates back to 1969, where the Woodstock Festival, an event primarily for the expression of music and art, was started in Yasgur’s Farm, New York…. People gathered together to the sounds of  great artists from all genres like Bob Dylan, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and others I’m not even familiar with… 🙂 This festival lasted for 4 days and it was for free! Wow! Talk about the love of music! 😉  Nowadays, we do have music festivals…some are free, some aren’t…. but at least the Woodstock legacy does live on in the hearts of people around the world!

Here’s a poster of the Event….

The Crowd during the Festival…. I’ve got a picture of this in my crop top…

Voila! Now that’s Woodstock for you! Aren’t I the fanatic? Hahaha… Sorry for the blurry pic… It was quite dark… but this is quite hippie/boho for you don’t you think? 😉 For this blog, I won’t dwell on this pic though… Sorry…. 😦

Here’s another one of my interpretations for the Woodstock vibe:

FEDORA:Black Sheep, NECKLACE: Colon Street (From a friend 😉 )LACE VEST: Ayala Department Store, BLUE TOP: Terranova, PRINTED JEANS: since Highschool… i’m sorry I don’t remember….

During this era, the boho/hippie fashion came alive…. I have to confess I’m hooked to this type of dressing up because it’s so easy-breezy and laid back… Plus, it’s perfect for the lazy summer days….Here’s what  I think I would wear if I were to attend the Woodstock Festival…. Yea, I know… Dream on, Right?

I had to include my violin in it because it is a woodstock inspired outfit…Hehehe… 😛


I’ve always loved wearing Fedoras not only because they change your look, but they complement an outfit right away! 😉 I borrowed my sister’s skirt to match this mustard top. Finished it with my favorite feathered earrings and platforms, I’m good to go… Want to know what’s my best accessory here? The Violin! (Read my previous post about THE VIOLIN AS A LIFELONG COMPANION…) It’s the perfect finishing touch for the Woodstock theme… 😉

One day I dream to perform in front of crowds… but not to let them praise me and say how good I am in playing the violin… but to let them be in awe of how the creator of music, GOD, allows us mere humans to display his Gifts! What a privilage! 🙂

‘Till next Fashion/Music inspired Blog! 😉 Tata! 😛


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