Okay, there is no actual law on how to be the perfect bridesmaid, but I just came up with these after my experiene as a bridesmaid to my friend who just got married this month!

It was my very first time to be a bridesmaid along with my other friends for a wedding. Usually, I am always asked to play the violin for weddings…  But I had the chance to be part of the entourage and play the violin at the same time… It was quite an exciting, memorable, and a fun experience rounded up all together! 😉 ….

For future bridesmaids out there, here are some do’s and dont’s:

1. Do exercise and have a healthy diet.

Who would want to look fat and pudgy while wearing that beautiful gown? “You don’t let a Vera Wang fit you, but you have to be able to fit into a Vera Wang…” — words I learned from the movie, Bride Wars! Hahaha! 😀 But obviously, we don’t need a Vera Wang gown! 😉 So it’s time to cut the calories and work them out in anyway you can… The Motivation: Fit into the Dress and look Ravishing!!!! 😉

2. Do be helpful to the bride/groom with whatever requests they have.

I was asked to play the violin during the wedding proper and the reception… I actually thought that I would be exhausted because I was also part of the entourage… I’m glad I didn’t back out because I had a hell of a time!

I was also able to help suggest the gown designs for the other bridesmaids, and in return, I got to get the design I liked for my gown! Coolness!

3. Do bring your valuables.

This is one of the things I don’t like during parties… Party bags are small most of the time, I have to rack my brains out on how to get all the essentials in…  Since I can’t put everything, I just put the important stuff in:

> Cellphone

>Tissue Paper

>Lip Gloss (for retouching)

>Money (just for emergencies)

>Mirror (Sadly ,I wasn’t able to bring any because I don’t have a pocket-sized mirror… So I leeched from my other bridesmaid pal! Hehe… Peace! :))

4. Don’t walk too fast but walk with grace.

This is where hypocrisy comes in… I wasn’t able to do both of these rules… 😛 Guilty as charged… and that’s because I naturally walk fast and to start with, I’m just not a poised person to begin with. Plus, it was quite hard to walk with grace in our floor length gown and heels…. It was hardwork, I tell you! 

 The reason why we should not walk fast during the march is to avoid tripping around in those heels and to give room for the papz (photographers) to get a good angle of you… (VAIN moment there, mind you… ;)) Because I walked too fast, my mom was only able to get a picture of my back side… 😦 I guess I’ve made my point clear here!

5. Don’t overpower the bride in any way, be it the makeup, the hair, or the dress!

Let’s just put it this way…. It’s my friend’s special day and if I am the star of the show, that would definitely ruin her moment, would it? Let’s allow the bride to take the spotlight for the day while we fade into the background with a subtle yet glam flair to the event! Let us remember that we are just mere princesses/commoners while the bride and groom are king and queen!;)

6. Don’t skrimp on the accessories nor excessorize!  My gown was simple, so I have to complement it with my   accessories…. I opted for Silver Earrings and a matching cuff to complement the “girlyness” of the whole shebang! These were designed by the talented Dianne Espera with her brand Sepa…. Do look her up in Facebook…. She’s really good! She was able to embody my “Rock Star” style by adding the cross embellisment to both blings! Totally Fabulous! When dressing up a floor length gown, it is best to keep accessories minimal… We don’t want to look like a walking Christmas Tree, do we? Simplicity is always beauty!

7. Do Smile as if you’ve got a secret!  

What’s the use of the glamorous gown with beautiful hair and make-up if you frown all night? Strut your stuff, show those pearly whites,and give them that mega-watt smile as if you’ve won a Grammy! That should be your default best winner accessory! Who knows, it might grab the attention of Mr. Right? 😉 

8. Do make friends with people from the entourage and with those who aren’t.

Who want’s a snobbish bridesmaid tagging along? There is no disadvantage in gaining new acquaintances/friends!

9. Do have fun and take a lot pictures!

This is the most important rule yet! Weddings are supposed to be fun… So let loose, enjoy the moment and bond with friends…. That’s just what I did throughout the whole event…. It was like a mini High School reunion even though we were not complete! Here are pictures as proof that we did have fun! 😉

The Entourage… Not complete…

The Bride and Bridesmaids!!!

10. Do bet on the next person down the aisle!

We didn’t bet on any money but just for fun, all the single friends would point at each other and say “You’re next!” This rule is obviously optional, but it’s a fun conversation starter!

To sum it all up, it was a super fun experience, and if I were asked to do that all over again I would! Haha…. Who knows, maybe the next time, I would have to take out the  word “maid” from bridesmaid already! Hahaha….Cheers to hopeful romantics who are reading this blog!

This blog is dedicated to my friend and her groom, who were really nice and fun to be with! It was a blast! In honor of the bride, I highlighted the rules in pink, her favorite color!

I end this with a picture from the movie,  Bridesmaids…. I haven’t watched it yet, but I believe it’s funny! Another Chick Flick, here we come!

This is quite fun because their motiff is pink too! 😉



  1. i’ve watched this. it’s fun hehehe

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