My lifelong dream ever since I was in the 4th grade was to be a teacher…. I guess the people close to me have heard this dream from me a thousand times… They must be bored to death when I say it again…. Haha! 🙂

I wasn’t able to pursue my dream as an occupation… but I was given that chance in my Preschool class along with other co-teachers in our Sunday School! It’s been 10 years and I’m having a blast all the time! Let’s just say I’m not a teacher by profession, but by obsession… 😉


I decided to play the part with this monochromatic preppy ensemble…. paired with some “Rocker” bracelets and pumps, It’s so me! Who dares to disrespect the “Terror” Teacher! 😛  I hope I’m not perceived that way by the little ones! 😦

Really intimidating!

RED SPECS:Maze, ROBOT EARRINGS: Greenhills COVER UP: Freeway, TANK: Tiangge, BELT: Dep’t Store, CHECKERED SKIRT:Thailand, POINTY MARY JANES: Chelsea

To add some life to the dull colors, I paired it with these cute red robot earrings, adding the futuristic “vibe” to the outfit…. Finished it with my faithful red specs, I’m ready for class!…. Well, the class of life that is! 😉 There’s still so much learning to do ei? 😉

I have learned that the best teacher is not someone who gives the best lectures nor the hardest quizzes. The best teacher is known when his/her students grow up to do even better than what the teacher has taught them! Plus, they live what they teach! My favorite teachers showed these qualities and whenever they enter the room, I’m always excited for their class because I know I’m going to learn something and have the time of my life while I’m at it! Until now, I’ve never forgotten them because if it were not for them, the passion for teaching wouldn’t have been instilled in my heart! Aww… Cheesy right? 😉 Also, there is no better teacher than Jesus. All these ideas of parables and lessons are just so creative that they not only draw attention but confusion as well! But that’s what a teacher should do right? Instill curiousity to the point that you question your knowledge as well? 😉

To all the teachers out there (whether by profession or obsession), let’s not give up on our noble task! For without us, minds could not be moulded, hearts would not be moved, and the future generation hindered! 😉


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