Oh My Feather!

I’m a fan of feathers. So I gave it all out through this outfit which I wore to our Preschool class. I made sure I wore a colorful outfit… I guess I’ve mentioned in a previous post that this is one of my tactics to get the attention of the little geniuses…. 😉 It sure did!

I felt like I wanted to hit the beach right away because of all the bright and bold colors of this outfit! It truly takes out the gloominess of the rainy seasons ahead!

I borrowed my sister’s Feather/Tribal print top,which is really gorgeous by the way, paired it with her electric blue pedals, put on my trustee fedora, and paired it with matching feather earrings…. I feel like a modern Pocahontas on the run! Haha…. 😀

Don’t you just love the feather print detail on an Aztec background? Awesome! 😉

Cute Feather Earrings at a cheap price! They represent the Philippine Flag colors, have you noticed?

I’ve had these wedges since I was high school! I did not really wear them because I was really boyish before! Unbelievable? Now you’ve heard everything! Haha!;)

FEDORA:Black Sheep, Feather Earrings:STUD, Yellow Top:Space, Feather/Tribal print top:Onion Laundry, Electric Blue Pedals:Zara, Bracelet:from a friend, Watch:STAMPS, Bag:Kipling(Fake), Strappy Wedges:Rusty Lopez.

So, what do you think of my look? 🙂



It’s been a while since my foodie post… Please forgive me because I only pick food that deserves to be blogged about. 😉

Are you bored of your usual ice cream dessert? Then why not try Mochi ice cream for a change? (I have to blame this one on my friend who brought up the topic last night! Haha!) In case you are not familiar of this treat, this is originally a Japanese rice cake mad of glutinous rice (duh!). This is usually a traditional food served during the Japanese New Year. It’s funny because I’m Chinese, and we also have our own version of Mochi… The only difference is that the Chinese Mochi or what we call “Ma-si” or “Mua-chi” has nuts and sugar inside…. Some deserts have yam filling inside… and Sesame Seed coverings Outside…. Drool!!!

My foodie pals and I went for a mochi craving in Mochiko (found in Ayala Cebu, 3rd Floor, Active Zone).  They have a great variety of flavors you can choose from. I had green tea mochi (by default because I’m a tea addict…) It was big enough to be held in your fist. Since it’s Rock-hard, you’d have to wait for a few minutes before you bite into it. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it for me, especially with the brain freeze spells! Haha!  Do try the other flavors such as the black sesame,avocado,and coffee…. They are my favorites by far! 😛 You can also buy a box of six mochis for a gift! Awesome!

Looks like my friend couldn’t wait! Haha! Peace! 😛

Green Tea Heaven… Drool!!!

So, don’t just sit there…. Indulge in your mochi now! Haha! Can I pass for an advertising agent? (Feelerness Galore!)

I end with pictures to make you want one! Haha!

 I seriously want to take a bite from all these! The ultimate Mochi platter!

Yes, these are real mochi balls! 😀


This is known as Daifuku in Japanese! I want to sink my teeth in these! 😛


I would like to inform the readers in advance to take heed and prelimenary cautions for the pictures you are about to see. For these pictures have been “DOMO”-nated and beware of the very cheesy feeling “tourist” look…. Haha…. 😛

“Domo” in Japanese is a shortened term for Thank you, such as domo arigato…. It can also mean “much” or “many” So when you say Domo Arigato, You are saying Thank you very much! Hurrah! Well done, you had your first Japanese lesson with moi! Please pardon my kookiness today… I guess this is what happens when Domo takes the scene, who by the way is so cute!… He is actually the star of the photos! (Thanks to my sis for letting me borrow her bag for these pics! 😉 )

Domo or Domo-kun (the character) was created in Japan and he appears in these short series of TV shows in NHK ….   He’s this wierd monster that has hatched out from an egg. He lives with a rabbit and 2 bats….  If you want to follow Domo and his adventures, you can view them in Youtube! So what are you waiting for, prepare to be Domo-nated with these pics:

I felt like I came out of Japan for this outfit… (Feeler! 😉 Haha!)

Fedora:SM accessories, Denim Top:Cache Cache, Floral Bib Necklace:Just G, Hex Cuff and Laser Cut Belt: July, Layered Skirt:Singapore, Gladiator Heels:Taiwan, Domo Bag: my sister’s

I am Domo Hear me Roar!!!! 😛

Domo’s tired! hehehe….. 😀

I love the stud detail of this denim top…. It’s so ROCKER!

This floral bib necklace added a touch of class to the whole shebang! 😉

This is one of my favorite cuffs! It’s so steampunk! Hardcore!!!!

 I hope you had fun because I did! I end this post with pictures of His royal cuteness, Domo-kun!!!! Have a Domo-nated day! 😉 Haha! Domo-Arigato Gusai- mas!!!

Prepare for the DOMO-Apocalypse!


Even Hello Kitty got Domo-nated! Haha! Priceless! 😛

Gangstah Domos! Which is your fave?

I want!!!!

A Sailor’s Life For Me

I’ve always loved the big blue… and I’ve always wondered what it would be like going on a cruise…. I believe it’s crazy expensive and since we’re on a tight budget here, I’ll just dream on with this “nautical” inspired outfit I chose to wear last Sunday for Father’s Day… Besides, my dad runs a tight ship! Of course, with our Heavenly Father as the Captain! All Aboard Mateys! 😉

Shades:Burberry(Fake); Anchor Top:Fab;Jumper Dress:People are People; Earrings: SEPA Bag:Michael Korrs; Heels:Jippi Jappa; Beads:Claire’s; Watch: O’Clock

In true sailor form, I matched the outfit with these SEPA earrings which I had since I was high school! Sweet!

This Pink O’clock Watch was given to us by mother dearest… 🙂 Thanks Mom!

I have to admit these floral heels aren’t “ME” at all… But it matched my outfit so well, I just had to wear them…. It did make me feel tall all day!

My churchmates said  that I looked really “girly” that day because of all the “pink”…. You can congratulate my father for that because he’s the one who gave this pink Michael Korrs Bag… I for one am not a fan of brands but I don’t want to insult my dad either… It’s perfect timing that it matches my whole outfit and on Father’s Day! Awesome! 😉

The whole outfit made me want to say “Ahoy Mateys!” Haha… Maybe next time, I’ll have a pirate inspired outfit… Hmm….. We’ll see about that! 😉 ‘Till next blog! 😀


Floral prints aren’t my thing… but my mom gave these floral leggings to my sister… and I decided to give it a whirl…

Fedora:Black Sheep;Purple Top:K & Company; Necklace: from my Grandma; Belt:Kashieca; Leggings:Giordano; Bracelet:from an Industrial Company; Snake Watch:STAMPS; Gladiator Heels:Taiwan

What I like about these floral leggings is that it seems to lengthen my legs dont you think?

This adorable glass elephant necklace was given by my grandma! Isn’t it cute?

I absolutely love this bracelet which I got at a cheap price from a company that makes these great trinkets… I’m so sorry but I truly forgot what the company’s name was… It was really far from the city…. but worth it!  I’ve had this since college!

This snakeskin STAMPS watch is my fave because not only is it exotic, but the edgy design looks like a mail stamp, thus the name of the watch 😉 … This brand originated from Hongkong…. They have this brand in Manila too…

Since we are talking about flowers, my favorite is the Sunflower. Not only because of its color, and joyous glow, but because wherever the sun goes, that’s where it faces. It’s wierd but true! I’ve seen it move actually, like it is truly awed by the Sun… It kind of reminds me how we should be like that… We should follow wherever the SON (Jesus) leads us in life and we’ll never go wrong! So, what’s your favorite flower? 🙂

Leopard Peplum

This decade, the “Peplum” has come back to give women more shape… Peplum is a term where a piece has a specific ruffle around the waist giving the illusion of an hourglass shape….  Here are some ideas on how to wear a peplum:

For Peplum Skirts, Make sure your top is as simple as possible… We would want to draw the attention more on the skirt right?

For Peplum Blouses, It is best paired with skinny jeans and heels. It’s a great classy look!

This blogger made a hit with this peplum blouse, although contrary to pairing it with skinnies or a pencil skirt, This whole outfit is clean cut and office ready!

 Peplum + Pencil skirts/Midi skirts: You’ll never go wrong just as these celebrities show it….

I decided to hop in the Peplum band wagon……

NECKLACE:Penshoppe, Peplum Top:Mudd, Skirt:Taiwan, Leopard Wedges:Janylin, Bracelet:Accessorize, Large Harajuku Bag:Greenhills

Being the animal that I am… Haha… I paired it with this leopard with pearls bib necklace given by my friend…. (Thanks! You know who you are… 😉 )

And this adorable gold zoo animal bracelet… It released the kid in me when I first received it as a gift from my close pals! Thanks so much! You truly know me! 😉 It has an ostrich, rhino, giraffe, lion, and a leopard…. Haha… So fetch!  I finished the outfit with my reliable leopard wedges and I’m good to go!

Also, I brought this large Harajuku Bag around which greatly complemented the color of my top… (See my previous post: POSH – The Buttons to see a smaller version of the Harajuku Bag!)

I love how the whole outfit gave me more figure and an illusion of  a more proportioned torso… Haha… ‘Till next fashion blog! 😉


Yesterday was Father’s Day.. and yes it’s a late post. So, in tribute to my dad, who introduced me to one of the Rock Legends of all time, The Beatles, this post is for you….

This crazy famous band was formed in Liverpool during the 1960’s, the decade when my dear father was born…. They were like our “Backstreet Boys” in their day!  However, with much more raw and unique material than meaningless songs nowadays…. Though they have been quite misunderstood by many due to their wild lifestyle, we can’t deny that their songs stand the test of time… and up to this moment you can still hear people from different ages singing to their songs…..They will forever be classic!

I have my share of favorites from them: I dare you to hum a tune…

1.)  Eleanor Rigby: I’m addicted to the string arrangement… 😛

2.) Hey Jude…. I’ve got an uncle and a cousin who’s got this name so I’d definitely remember this!

3.) So Happy Together

4.) Yesterday

5.) Here Comes The Sun

6.) Love Me Tender (this was however originally sung by Elvis Presley…)

There are still a whole lot more songs … but these are the ones that usually pop up in my head when the band is mentioned…..

But I believe there’s nothing more to be said about this great band…. I’ll just let these smorgasbord of pictures do the talking…. (to the delight of the lazy readers! haha… :D) Enjoy! and…. Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there!

The ever famous Abbey Road picture!

In case you didn’t get their signatures…hehehe… 🙂

Men are such babies……

Hmm… it does rain indoors for these guys…. 😉

‘Till next blog!!! 😉