Doggie Twain

I am and always have been a dog lover. This love for man’s best friend has been instilled by my dad, who is an avid fan too. This post is a bonus for you dog lovers out there…. because I’d like you to meet our dogs…

This is Diego, our Dobie… He’s really playful and I always melt when he gives me that smile…

Here is Paxton, our Boxer… He’s actually full grown but thinks he’s still a puppy… seriously…. But he’s adorable either way…

Here’s my best friend, Pebbles, our Beagle…. He’s the oldest in the group yet he never fails to creep into my heart all the time!

Our resident bouncer, Yoda, our Boston terrier… He’s the funniest of the group… He bounces really high when he sees strangers (thus suits the name 😉 ) , he also thinks he’s the guard dog, and gives the cutest goofy smile… We named him after Star Wars’ Yoda because of his ears….

In accolade to our dogs and fellow dog lovers, I chose to wear this outfit….

The fun shirt has almost all breeds and sizes that I’m not even sure which is which already… Can you identify them?

True to my theme, I paired it with this Perdita necklace. Perdita is a female Dalmatian dog character in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. Do the 90’s bring back memories? 😉

You can never go wrong with silver chucks… It’s classy punk and matches any color!

Newsboy Cap: Thailand, Dog Shirt: Zara, Vest: Taiwan, Purple Jeans: Giordano, Necklace: Disney, Earrings: just g, Chucks: Converse

The attire made me feel like I was taken out from the story, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, (thus the title of my post ;)) one of my favorite classics…. (Bookworm Alert!) Do read it if you can.  ‘Till next fashion blog!:)


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