One Cellphone Too Many

We live in a highly “techni-fied” world today. Everyone I know owns at least one cellphone, a laptop, a camera, and other doohickeys that I’m not even familiar with anymore… šŸ˜›Ā I personally own 2 cellphones which is quite a change for me because I’m quite the bum when it comes to texting… I’m so lazy, sometimes, I directly call the person when I can just text him/her. I never wanted to own a lot of cellphones because I find it too distracting but because we have so many networks, it’s difficult to get to the person you want to be in contact with. So a few weeks ago, water from my water bottle spilled into my bag, drenching my two phones and other important stuff. I was really irked because my other phone would not turn on anymore! I had it fixed in a cellphone shop but up to this day there seems to be no life on it! šŸ˜¦ I feel devastated because a lot of my phone contacts and other important events are stored in its phone memory!

Reflecting on the matter, I realize that GOD had something to say….

I realized that I’ve been so busy, juggling a lot of my responsibilities (like juggling between two cellphones… šŸ˜‰ ), and I left out the one important thing in my life,…. my relationship with Jesus. Not that I don’t read the bible, pray, or go to church… but to savor my “dates” with GOD… it’s all starting to get bland…. šŸ˜¦ I came before GOD and said sorry for my weaknesses, for we are human after all… Mistake after mistake, Jesus never fails me and reminds me to put HIM on top of my list again…. I’m a multi-tasker by nature… but if GOD is not within the circle, everything crumbles down! I believe my fellow multi-tasker friends or aquaintances could attest to that! So sometimes, GOD has to take down some things that are holding us back from HIM so that we return to the truth!

I’m still going to get my phone fixed though or maybe get another phone to replace the totaled one!Ā  It’s purely for business and convenience purposes… Swear! šŸ˜› But I definitely have another perspective whenever I would remember the situation…

So what’s holding us back now? Do we have one cellphone too many?

‘Till next blog!


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