Michael Jackson – Presto!

I’m not exactly a fan of Michael Jackson but I do admire his creativity and flair for music and how he dresses up….. I mean who else could’ve thought that above ankle length jeans and white socks would be a hit up to this time? Besides no one ever gives a concert like him!!! …. Fireworks, the dance moves, and all that glitter: that’s MJ for you alright!  I’ve seen one of his concerts in TV and men, I think more than 10 people faint not just from the heat or the crowd, but because it’s like they’ve seen GOD! I know, it’s that crazy! But still, he’s got fans even after he died and he’s got his share of haters, but he will always be a pop legend! 😉

Aww.. Little Afro MJ… I honestly like him better this way! 😉

We had a music recital this month and since we were told to wear white…. I put on some MJ bling to it….. Let’s welcome the girl version of MJ: (Please pardon my assuming ways!)

I love how the sequined top could glamify your look in a second! I was kind of doubtful to wear the mullet skirt because these skirts look better on long legged models… But I’m glad it worked out for little petite me! One factor? Heels! Heels! and Heels! Yup, Heels are a shortie’s best friend! 😉

The MJ pose…hahaha…. Though it will always look better on him! 😉

All that glitters! 😉

My fave cross earrings never fail me!

Fedora:SM Dep’t Store, Sequined Top:Closet Collection; Mullet Skirt:Tango, Platforms:Azalea, Earrings: Forever 21

Me playing “Presto” by Bach…. Please pardon my facial expression… I’m always serious when it comes to playing the violin! 😉

My teacher gave me this piece entitled “Presto” by Johann Sebastian Bach and boy, was it mighty fast! Presto, in musical terms, means that the piece is to be played very fast….  Also, Presto can also mean “Suddenly” as if by magic, in Italian…. 😉 Some random facts for the day… which explains my blog title! 😉

I flubbed through the notes because I was so nervous! My fingers stiffened and I felt cold all over…. Tsk Tsk! Oh well, I wish I could’ve played it even better…. but with these mistakes, it makes me learn that we are only human and we do need God’s grace to get through every obstacle so that we can play (live) better for Him! A Michael Jackson I’m not… (In fact, I have 2 left feet…)  but a violinist/pianist/musician, I will always be! And it’s all for the Great Musician up there! 😉

‘Till next blog… and next recital! 😉


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