Yesterday was Father’s Day.. and yes it’s a late post. So, in tribute to my dad, who introduced me to one of the Rock Legends of all time, The Beatles, this post is for you….

This crazy famous band was formed in Liverpool during the 1960’s, the decade when my dear father was born…. They were like our “Backstreet Boys” in their day!  However, with much more raw and unique material than meaningless songs nowadays…. Though they have been quite misunderstood by many due to their wild lifestyle, we can’t deny that their songs stand the test of time… and up to this moment you can still hear people from different ages singing to their songs…..They will forever be classic!

I have my share of favorites from them: I dare you to hum a tune…

1.)  Eleanor Rigby: I’m addicted to the string arrangement… 😛

2.) Hey Jude…. I’ve got an uncle and a cousin who’s got this name so I’d definitely remember this!

3.) So Happy Together

4.) Yesterday

5.) Here Comes The Sun

6.) Love Me Tender (this was however originally sung by Elvis Presley…)

There are still a whole lot more songs … but these are the ones that usually pop up in my head when the band is mentioned…..

But I believe there’s nothing more to be said about this great band…. I’ll just let these smorgasbord of pictures do the talking…. (to the delight of the lazy readers! haha… :D) Enjoy! and…. Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there!

The ever famous Abbey Road picture!

In case you didn’t get their signatures…hehehe… 🙂

Men are such babies……

Hmm… it does rain indoors for these guys…. 😉

‘Till next blog!!! 😉


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