Floral prints aren’t my thing… but my mom gave these floral leggings to my sister… and I decided to give it a whirl…

Fedora:Black Sheep;Purple Top:K & Company; Necklace: from my Grandma; Belt:Kashieca; Leggings:Giordano; Bracelet:from an Industrial Company; Snake Watch:STAMPS; Gladiator Heels:Taiwan

What I like about these floral leggings is that it seems to lengthen my legs dont you think?

This adorable glass elephant necklace was given by my grandma! Isn’t it cute?

I absolutely love this bracelet which I got at a cheap price from a company that makes these great trinkets… I’m so sorry but I truly forgot what the company’s name was… It was really far from the city…. but worth it!  I’ve had this since college!

This snakeskin STAMPS watch is my fave because not only is it exotic, but the edgy design looks like a mail stamp, thus the name of the watch 😉 … This brand originated from Hongkong…. They have this brand in Manila too…

Since we are talking about flowers, my favorite is the Sunflower. Not only because of its color, and joyous glow, but because wherever the sun goes, that’s where it faces. It’s wierd but true! I’ve seen it move actually, like it is truly awed by the Sun… It kind of reminds me how we should be like that… We should follow wherever the SON (Jesus) leads us in life and we’ll never go wrong! So, what’s your favorite flower? 🙂


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