A Sailor’s Life For Me

I’ve always loved the big blue… and I’ve always wondered what it would be like going on a cruise…. I believe it’s crazy expensive and since we’re on a tight budget here, I’ll just dream on with this “nautical” inspired outfit I chose to wear last Sunday for Father’s Day… Besides, my dad runs a tight ship! Of course, with our Heavenly Father as the Captain! All Aboard Mateys! 😉

Shades:Burberry(Fake); Anchor Top:Fab;Jumper Dress:People are People; Earrings: SEPA Bag:Michael Korrs; Heels:Jippi Jappa; Beads:Claire’s; Watch: O’Clock

In true sailor form, I matched the outfit with these SEPA earrings which I had since I was high school! Sweet!

This Pink O’clock Watch was given to us by mother dearest… 🙂 Thanks Mom!

I have to admit these floral heels aren’t “ME” at all… But it matched my outfit so well, I just had to wear them…. It did make me feel tall all day!

My churchmates said  that I looked really “girly” that day because of all the “pink”…. You can congratulate my father for that because he’s the one who gave this pink Michael Korrs Bag… I for one am not a fan of brands but I don’t want to insult my dad either… It’s perfect timing that it matches my whole outfit and on Father’s Day! Awesome! 😉

The whole outfit made me want to say “Ahoy Mateys!” Haha… Maybe next time, I’ll have a pirate inspired outfit… Hmm….. We’ll see about that! 😉 ‘Till next blog! 😀


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