I would like to inform the readers in advance to take heed and prelimenary cautions for the pictures you are about to see. For these pictures have been “DOMO”-nated and beware of the very cheesy feeling “tourist” look…. Haha…. 😛

“Domo” in Japanese is a shortened term for Thank you, such as domo arigato…. It can also mean “much” or “many” So when you say Domo Arigato, You are saying Thank you very much! Hurrah! Well done, you had your first Japanese lesson with moi! Please pardon my kookiness today… I guess this is what happens when Domo takes the scene, who by the way is so cute!… He is actually the star of the photos! (Thanks to my sis for letting me borrow her bag for these pics! 😉 )

Domo or Domo-kun (the character) was created in Japan and he appears in these short series of TV shows in NHK ….   He’s this wierd monster that has hatched out from an egg. He lives with a rabbit and 2 bats….  If you want to follow Domo and his adventures, you can view them in Youtube! So what are you waiting for, prepare to be Domo-nated with these pics:

I felt like I came out of Japan for this outfit… (Feeler! 😉 Haha!)

Fedora:SM accessories, Denim Top:Cache Cache, Floral Bib Necklace:Just G, Hex Cuff and Laser Cut Belt: July, Layered Skirt:Singapore, Gladiator Heels:Taiwan, Domo Bag: my sister’s

I am Domo Hear me Roar!!!! 😛

Domo’s tired! hehehe….. 😀

I love the stud detail of this denim top…. It’s so ROCKER!

This floral bib necklace added a touch of class to the whole shebang! 😉

This is one of my favorite cuffs! It’s so steampunk! Hardcore!!!!

 I hope you had fun because I did! I end this post with pictures of His royal cuteness, Domo-kun!!!! Have a Domo-nated day! 😉 Haha! Domo-Arigato Gusai- mas!!!

Prepare for the DOMO-Apocalypse!


Even Hello Kitty got Domo-nated! Haha! Priceless! 😛

Gangstah Domos! Which is your fave?

I want!!!!


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