It’s been a while since my foodie post… Please forgive me because I only pick food that deserves to be blogged about. 😉

Are you bored of your usual ice cream dessert? Then why not try Mochi ice cream for a change? (I have to blame this one on my friend who brought up the topic last night! Haha!) In case you are not familiar of this treat, this is originally a Japanese rice cake mad of glutinous rice (duh!). This is usually a traditional food served during the Japanese New Year. It’s funny because I’m Chinese, and we also have our own version of Mochi… The only difference is that the Chinese Mochi or what we call “Ma-si” or “Mua-chi” has nuts and sugar inside…. Some deserts have yam filling inside… and Sesame Seed coverings Outside…. Drool!!!

My foodie pals and I went for a mochi craving in Mochiko (found in Ayala Cebu, 3rd Floor, Active Zone).  They have a great variety of flavors you can choose from. I had green tea mochi (by default because I’m a tea addict…) It was big enough to be held in your fist. Since it’s Rock-hard, you’d have to wait for a few minutes before you bite into it. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it for me, especially with the brain freeze spells! Haha!  Do try the other flavors such as the black sesame,avocado,and coffee…. They are my favorites by far! 😛 You can also buy a box of six mochis for a gift! Awesome!

Looks like my friend couldn’t wait! Haha! Peace! 😛

Green Tea Heaven… Drool!!!

So, don’t just sit there…. Indulge in your mochi now! Haha! Can I pass for an advertising agent? (Feelerness Galore!)

I end with pictures to make you want one! Haha!

 I seriously want to take a bite from all these! The ultimate Mochi platter!

Yes, these are real mochi balls! 😀


This is known as Daifuku in Japanese! I want to sink my teeth in these! 😛


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