Gone on a Tribal Date

Everyone’s crazy about tribal prints nowadays, and I am in no doubt hooked as well. But I’m not one to follow trends. So here’s my take when I was out on a tribal date with friends! Haha!

What I love about the boho tribal look is that it can go from formal to laid back at the same time. My next aim is to go full boho! Just watch for it in my next blog! Haha!

Tribal Top:F21, Belt:Kashieca, Jeans:For Me, Beaded cuff:Jellybean and istyle, Earrings:Bazaar, Bag:Longchamp(Fake), Heels:Staccato

I love how this belt reinvents the whole boho/tribal look. It tones down the colorful burst of the top!

Since my outfit is flashy, I decided to tone it down with these cool dangling earrings given by my manita during our Christmas party with my berks! Thanks! 😉

I totally love this blue wrap around cuff paired with the beaded tribal cuff, it plays along the pantones of my outfit! I found it at a cheaper price in a bazaar! That’s why bazaars are awesome, you’ll never know what you’d find!

My close friends gave me this awesome yummy tribal cuff. You guys truly know my style! Mwah!

‘Till next tribal post! Jambo! hahaha!



Whenever I hear the word Rosemary, I think of the culinary herb. The foodie in me strikes again! Haha! But this is not a foodie blog sorry to say, but I’d like to whet your appetites with my fashion pick for this post. (Don’t worry, I’ll post a foodie blog soon…. 😉 )

Rosemary is the name of the mysterious girl in my top. The whole outfit depicts mystery all over…. It’s actually perfect for the frequently changing weather nowadays. Perfect moodiness to suit my taste! Anyway, since we are nearing the “Ber” months, I donned on the long sleeved top paired with my fave leopard print leggings and I’m good to go!

Fedora:SM accessories, Earrings:Mags, Necklace:HK, Top:Zara, Leggings:Black Sheep, Bag:Relic, Heels:Charles & Keith

Why so serious?

Don’t you dare come close, or I’ll Saw you in half! Hehe! 😉

These Strappy heels are my mom’s. It’s a great break from my usual gladiator heels, but I find these honestly a bit hard to walk in. 😛

To bring a playful punch to the dull colors of the outfit, I added bright accessories like these apple green cherry earrings and…

this mustard yellow bag….

So, what’s your mood today? 😛


I’ve always wondered what it would be like when I’d become a grandma. Though I’m not a hurry, mind you! Haha! We always picture out grandmothers knitting by the corner, sipping some tea, and cooking up the best grub! Well, I’d want to be a different grandma someday if I’m able to reach that certain age, God willing! I’d like to whip up the best stories just as my grandma does. I’m not a person who likes to sit still and do nothing, so I’d probably teach my grandkids and other kids how to play the piano and the violin. I hope the “Arthritis” won’t act up by then! *cringes* I’d still teach in Sunday School and I’d still play for the church. My ambitious goals act up again, but all these would depend on God’s leading and It doesn’t hurt to dream!;)

Grandmothers are always the best story tellers… I could attest to that. 😉 When I was younger, I always slept over at my grandma’s house and she would tell stories about the World War or any stories she could remember since she’s a big bookworm… Takes one to know one ei? And up to now, I’ll still remember those stories… Well… most of them… :)My other grandma is not the bookworm type but she has an ear for music and she’s got a sense of style in fashion.  I guess that explains how I love music, books, and fashion all at the same time. Haha! So in tribute to my lovely grandmas, I created this look in which most of the items I’m wearing are from them! Thanks by the way!

My “Pianist” grandma gave this top combo which I immediately paired with the leather skirt! Though the outfit doesn’t depict anything a foxy grandma would wear but I do love the Rockstar vibe… So me! 😉 I wonder if I’d still be able to rock a leather skirt when I’m on my 60’s…. That would definitely be a dare I’d take when I’m that age… and if I can remember… Haha!

 Earrings: Colon Street, Top:CDO, Leather Skirt:F21, Cuff and Watch:HK, Bag:Jerusalem, Heels:Taiwan

This beaded Sack Bag was given by my “Bookworm” grandma on her trip to the Holy Land… Not only do I get a cultural souvenir but a fashion upgrade as well! Awesome!

This piano watch was given by my mom on her trip to HK, and I love it because it signifies a legacy passed on from my grandma to my mom and to me and my sister, the love of music and playing the piano! Coolness! 😉

These cool and crazy Spiral Earrings were given by our helper during Christmas, and what a coincidence, she’s a grandma too! Grandmas rock!

Love the Bow and Pocket detail on this Top! Thanks Grandma!

The world wouldn’t be a better place if it weren’t for you grandmothers! Aww! Cheesy alert! So, what would you do if you were a grandma? 😉

An Earheart I’m Not….

I have always loved camo prints and military inspired outfits though I’ve never considered joining the army… but whenever I see these soldiers in camoflauge uniforms, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in them because I know that the moment they signed in for the military, they also signed their lives for the country…. Whether they are in aviation, the navy, or on land, they look mighty awesome!

And because I have no fun at the moment, I chose to wear an “Amelia Earhart” inspired outfit, modernized by yours truly! 😉 Amelia Earhart is the first woman aviation pioneer to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Can you believe that, the first woman pilot in a very “male” chauvanistic era that time! During an attempt for a circumnavigational conquest, she dissappeared and was never seen again. Thus, she was declared dead in absentia on Jan. 5, 1939. Though her remains were never found, her story lives on up to this day.  To know more, there has been a movie produced in her honor last 2009, portrayed by Hilary Swank. You can watch it if you’re interested. 🙂

When I first laid eyes on this aviator vest, I knew I just had to buy it because it’s so me… Military + Steampunk: I could die in happiness… (Just kidding!) I found it fun pairing it off with this zebra shirt and leather skirt. It screams Steampunk Tribal Madness all over…

Shades:Ray-Ban (Fake), Aviator Vest:People are People, Zebra Top:Plains & Prints, Leather Skirt:F21, G-cleff Earrings:People are People, Wedges:Janylin, Bag:ladybag

This awesome bag was given by my Aunt on my birthday… She said it was so “Me” Thanks Auntie! You truly know my taste! Most of the pins came with the bag while other pins are our own… I just added it to the bag to give it more spunk! 😉

I love the star and chain detail on the puffed shoulder pads of this aviator vest! S.T.E.A.M.P.U.N.K!!!!

I honestly don’t know what a real salute should be like! Sorry! 😦

Don’t I just look like a drunk pilot ready for take off? Haha! Seriously, I felt like I was Amelia Earheart in the “fashion” sense… pioneering aviator vests with tribal inspired outfits… Now, it doesn’t hurt to dream ei? Haha…. An Earheart I’m not, but I’m definitely in the Lord’s Army! We are all soldiers of Christ… So wherever He leads us, He will help us fight our battles! To our Captain all glory belong! He deserves our life, and to die for Him would be a great honor! 😉

LBD – Mother’s Closet Edition

Last week, we were invited to a formal debut so that always implies “Glam”, “Glam”, and more “Glam”….! 😀 Formal events perk me up because it’s the perfect excuse to be really girly and put on the bling! The funny thing is that I’m not exactly a very “glam” person to put it personally. So, I raid my mom’s closet when these special occasions come up.  When it’s time to be really girly, her closet answers my problems! 😉 Thanks mom!

The debutante’s theme was purple, so it is expected to wear exactly as stated right? Wrong! I marched to my own beat by wearing this awesome black assymetrical dress and paired it with “Purple” accessories so I wouldn’t come off as a total killjoy to the event’s theme. Got you there ei? Thought I was going all rebellious didn’t you?;) Every girl should have a LBD (Little Black Dress), at least one! That’s actually great news for me because Black will always be my favorite color. 😉 Not only does it add class to the event, it’s a slimming color too! 😉

Black Assymetrical Dress:Tango, Ring:Gift, Necklace:Jerusalem, Clutch:Mom’s, Sandals:Rusty Lopez

These layered purple beads were given to my mom by my grandma from her trip to Jerusalem! Coolness!

Instead of bangles, this cute purple ring gave a classy feminine touch to the LBD! 😉 Thanks Auntie, who gave this to me!

Mom’s Retro Purple Checkered Clutch… Check! Haha!

Mom’s Purple Suede Sandals (We have the same feet size!) for the finale of the whole dress! (These cost cheaper than it looks! Sweet!)

Since my layered necklace was the highlight of the LBD, I toned it down with silver cross studs! 😉

So there you have it, we are always told to dress appropriately for whatever the specific occasion calls for but it doesn’t hurt to bend those rules once in a while… providing that it is truly appropriate for the situation! 😉 Plus, glam need not be expensive at all. Tried raiding your mom’s closet lately? (*hint *hint) 😀 So, how would you dress up your black dress? 🙂

Meet Zibo

One of my favorite animal prints would be from the zebra… I like zebras because their mohawk hair is so rocker-licious! Haha! Anyway, this would probably be one of the outfits I’d wear if I were to travel because it’s so freakishly comfy that you can sleep in it! Exaggation intended….  It’s also a safe summer/rainy day outfit so it will pass off as a go-to outfit in this tropical country with bi-polar weather!

What’s great about this orange top is of its flowy material, thus hiding any unwanted bulges… I’d like to wear these during the “Red” days when I feel so bloated and when my belly is stubborn.. Hmmph…. Please pardon the blurry pic… 😦

Shades:Ray-Ban (Fake), Giraffe Earrings:HK,White Top:Timings, Zebra Top:July, Leggings:from my Grandma, Sneaks:Nike, Bag:Converse, Zebra Necklace:Maze

This is the print in my bag which I purposely matched to my outfit because it has zebras on it! 😉 Don’t you just love the ROCK STAR vibe? Plus, it’s waterproof! Awesome!

I looooove these giraffe earrings! 😉

I got these transparent Ray-Bans at a cheap price…. they’re not the real thing but it could pass off for coolness!

These sneaks have been with me since college and they’re really comfy! Don’t you just adore the cross/flower pattern?

Of course, the highlight of my outfit: Meet Zibo, the name I gave this adorable zebra dangling from the necklace….. It’s a great conversation piece and the perfect way to get the kids attention in my Preschool class! 😉 Isn’t he cute? 😉