Meet Zibo

One of my favorite animal prints would be from the zebra… I like zebras because their mohawk hair is so rocker-licious! Haha! Anyway, this would probably be one of the outfits I’d wear if I were to travel because it’s so freakishly comfy that you can sleep in it! Exaggation intended….  It’s also a safe summer/rainy day outfit so it will pass off as a go-to outfit in this tropical country with bi-polar weather!

What’s great about this orange top is of its flowy material, thus hiding any unwanted bulges… I’d like to wear these during the “Red” days when I feel so bloated and when my belly is stubborn.. Hmmph…. Please pardon the blurry pic… 😦

Shades:Ray-Ban (Fake), Giraffe Earrings:HK,White Top:Timings, Zebra Top:July, Leggings:from my Grandma, Sneaks:Nike, Bag:Converse, Zebra Necklace:Maze

This is the print in my bag which I purposely matched to my outfit because it has zebras on it! 😉 Don’t you just love the ROCK STAR vibe? Plus, it’s waterproof! Awesome!

I looooove these giraffe earrings! 😉

I got these transparent Ray-Bans at a cheap price…. they’re not the real thing but it could pass off for coolness!

These sneaks have been with me since college and they’re really comfy! Don’t you just adore the cross/flower pattern?

Of course, the highlight of my outfit: Meet Zibo, the name I gave this adorable zebra dangling from the necklace….. It’s a great conversation piece and the perfect way to get the kids attention in my Preschool class! 😉 Isn’t he cute? 😉


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