LBD – Mother’s Closet Edition

Last week, we were invited to a formal debut so that always implies “Glam”, “Glam”, and more “Glam”….! 😀 Formal events perk me up because it’s the perfect excuse to be really girly and put on the bling! The funny thing is that I’m not exactly a very “glam” person to put it personally. So, I raid my mom’s closet when these special occasions come up.  When it’s time to be really girly, her closet answers my problems! 😉 Thanks mom!

The debutante’s theme was purple, so it is expected to wear exactly as stated right? Wrong! I marched to my own beat by wearing this awesome black assymetrical dress and paired it with “Purple” accessories so I wouldn’t come off as a total killjoy to the event’s theme. Got you there ei? Thought I was going all rebellious didn’t you?;) Every girl should have a LBD (Little Black Dress), at least one! That’s actually great news for me because Black will always be my favorite color. 😉 Not only does it add class to the event, it’s a slimming color too! 😉

Black Assymetrical Dress:Tango, Ring:Gift, Necklace:Jerusalem, Clutch:Mom’s, Sandals:Rusty Lopez

These layered purple beads were given to my mom by my grandma from her trip to Jerusalem! Coolness!

Instead of bangles, this cute purple ring gave a classy feminine touch to the LBD! 😉 Thanks Auntie, who gave this to me!

Mom’s Retro Purple Checkered Clutch… Check! Haha!

Mom’s Purple Suede Sandals (We have the same feet size!) for the finale of the whole dress! (These cost cheaper than it looks! Sweet!)

Since my layered necklace was the highlight of the LBD, I toned it down with silver cross studs! 😉

So there you have it, we are always told to dress appropriately for whatever the specific occasion calls for but it doesn’t hurt to bend those rules once in a while… providing that it is truly appropriate for the situation! 😉 Plus, glam need not be expensive at all. Tried raiding your mom’s closet lately? (*hint *hint) 😀 So, how would you dress up your black dress? 🙂


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