An Earheart I’m Not….

I have always loved camo prints and military inspired outfits though I’ve never considered joining the army… but whenever I see these soldiers in camoflauge uniforms, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in them because I know that the moment they signed in for the military, they also signed their lives for the country…. Whether they are in aviation, the navy, or on land, they look mighty awesome!

And because I have no fun at the moment, I chose to wear an “Amelia Earhart” inspired outfit, modernized by yours truly! 😉 Amelia Earhart is the first woman aviation pioneer to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Can you believe that, the first woman pilot in a very “male” chauvanistic era that time! During an attempt for a circumnavigational conquest, she dissappeared and was never seen again. Thus, she was declared dead in absentia on Jan. 5, 1939. Though her remains were never found, her story lives on up to this day.  To know more, there has been a movie produced in her honor last 2009, portrayed by Hilary Swank. You can watch it if you’re interested. 🙂

When I first laid eyes on this aviator vest, I knew I just had to buy it because it’s so me… Military + Steampunk: I could die in happiness… (Just kidding!) I found it fun pairing it off with this zebra shirt and leather skirt. It screams Steampunk Tribal Madness all over…

Shades:Ray-Ban (Fake), Aviator Vest:People are People, Zebra Top:Plains & Prints, Leather Skirt:F21, G-cleff Earrings:People are People, Wedges:Janylin, Bag:ladybag

This awesome bag was given by my Aunt on my birthday… She said it was so “Me” Thanks Auntie! You truly know my taste! Most of the pins came with the bag while other pins are our own… I just added it to the bag to give it more spunk! 😉

I love the star and chain detail on the puffed shoulder pads of this aviator vest! S.T.E.A.M.P.U.N.K!!!!

I honestly don’t know what a real salute should be like! Sorry! 😦

Don’t I just look like a drunk pilot ready for take off? Haha! Seriously, I felt like I was Amelia Earheart in the “fashion” sense… pioneering aviator vests with tribal inspired outfits… Now, it doesn’t hurt to dream ei? Haha…. An Earheart I’m not, but I’m definitely in the Lord’s Army! We are all soldiers of Christ… So wherever He leads us, He will help us fight our battles! To our Captain all glory belong! He deserves our life, and to die for Him would be a great honor! 😉


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