Whenever I hear the word Rosemary, I think of the culinary herb. The foodie in me strikes again! Haha! But this is not a foodie blog sorry to say, but I’d like to whet your appetites with my fashion pick for this post. (Don’t worry, I’ll post a foodie blog soon…. 😉 )

Rosemary is the name of the mysterious girl in my top. The whole outfit depicts mystery all over…. It’s actually perfect for the frequently changing weather nowadays. Perfect moodiness to suit my taste! Anyway, since we are nearing the “Ber” months, I donned on the long sleeved top paired with my fave leopard print leggings and I’m good to go!

Fedora:SM accessories, Earrings:Mags, Necklace:HK, Top:Zara, Leggings:Black Sheep, Bag:Relic, Heels:Charles & Keith

Why so serious?

Don’t you dare come close, or I’ll Saw you in half! Hehe! 😉

These Strappy heels are my mom’s. It’s a great break from my usual gladiator heels, but I find these honestly a bit hard to walk in. 😛

To bring a playful punch to the dull colors of the outfit, I added bright accessories like these apple green cherry earrings and…

this mustard yellow bag….

So, what’s your mood today? 😛


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