The Love Guru

I wanted to take a break from my usual foodie/fashion/music/whatevah topic blogs and come to a serious matter…. LOVE… Well, you would probably expect me to write about giddy stories and experiences I have about love. Sorry, that’s not what you’re going to get for now. For one thing, I’ve never been in a relationship (except with GOD, family, and friends). But you know that doesn’t even count especially when you actually declare it on Facebook that you are in a relationship with a certain someone right? 😉

It’s actually quite funny as I recall those days when my close friends (girls and guys alike) would come to me and express their relationship problems. I sometimes laugh at myself and think, ” I don’t know what I’m doing!”  Hello, they’re asking advice from a person who has been single since birth! Haha! But because I love my friends, I do give them advice from what I believe is right and base everything in God’s word if it does apply. And from these, I learn from the mistakes of people in relationships make in general. By the end of the “consultation” (It makes me sound like some “Psychiatrist Whacko” Thus the title of this blog! Haha! 😉 ) I then say to myself, “If ever I would enter into a relationship in the future, I won’t commit those mistakes.” But who am I kidding? I’ll never know what would happen in the future. I’m as human as you can get…. There is no perfect love in this world, because we ourselves aren’t perfect.

Sadly, the world right now has a twisted view of love. The media has injected our minds with love for the wrong kind of things. To name a few, Love of money, Love of fame, Love for sex (at the wrong time), Love of power… It all boils down to one kind of love. The love for self. The “I love Me” virus has no cure because it has been inborn in every person since the beginning of time. Thus, explaining the fact that there is no perfect love in this world.  We are all selfish by nature and with that kind of trait in us, causes devastating results. Broken marriages, Abortion, Pre-teen Pregnancy, Drug Abuse, Juvenile Detention…. and all other sad truths.

LOVE is such a broad word. It is a verb, implying action. One of the most difficult actions to do in fact. God tells us to love not just the lovable but the unlovely as well. Tough, isn’t it? But God did display it through giving His one and only son, JESUS, to take all our sins away by dying on the cross. Now, that’s Perfect Love for you! Read 1 Cor 13 in the Bible. It states everything God is…. Replace the word love with GOD and you would soon find yourself nodding your head to every adjective describing what love is all about. That’s the kind of love God wants us to have. Now we, selfish beings can’t do that by our own bidding. We just simply can’t! We need God’s grace to do so!

So for those who are hurting, maybe it’s time to pick up those broken pieces. (Cheesy song alert…) … and give these up to the One who truly cares and loves us as we are! Let’s start anew and let Jesus remind us of HIS love because His love never fails! It has no end of contract! 😉  His Love is THE ANSWER to those who are having relationship problems right now or problems with love in general! Let’s turn our love of self to Love for GOD and His people! By then, He would train us up on how to love the way HE does! 😉

For those who still think I’m some Love Guru, I’m still available for consultation!  😀 Haha! But seriously, You know what my answer would always be… We should always turn to the expert on Love… JESUS himself! HE ALWAYS LOVES YOU… believe it or not! 😉

———-The Love Guru now signing off———— (Bwahahaha! I seriously think I should stop calling myself that!)


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