Our story for our preschool class today was about Noah’s Ark. I was in charge of the crafts so I racked my brains out on what to do because I’ve already bought colorful crepe paper. I honestly didn’t know what to do next! Thank God for the net! I came across a pastor’s wife’s blog.  Here’s the link if you’re interested. http://raisingmytwogirls.blogspot.com/2012/06/preschool-at-home-week-8-noahs-ark.html

She was helping her kid make a craft with colorful yarn and cotton…. It looked really pretty. So, I decided to copy her idea and reinvent it my own way. Thank you Mrs. Brown! (Even if you don’t know me!) I’d probably visit your blog again if I’m stuck in a rut again!

Anyhow, here’s my version:

Here are the materials needed: Cardboard paper (cut into squares: big enough to roll), Crepe Papers in the colors of a rainbow, Glue, Scotch Tape (not in the picture… clumsy me!), Masking Tape, Scissors, Cotton or Cotton Balls, and Yarn.

1.) First, Cut Crepe papers into strips. Make sure it’s not too long nor too short. Just enough so that it would flow when taped into the cardboard.  What I did was that I folded a long strip into two. Arrange the colors according to the colors of the rainbow. (ROYGBIV… If you don’t know this, you haven’t been in preschool all your life! 😉 ) I didn’t have indigo nor a pure purple color for the crepe papers, so I used pink and dark blue at the end in stead. Make sure to leave a half inch allowance on both ends of the cardboard. This is for the masking tape. Use scotch tape to tape the ends of the folded crepe paper to the lower half of the cardboard. (See picture above.)

2.) After taping the colors, I placed glue all over the middle portion of the cardboard. Still, always leave allowance for the ends of the cardboard for the masking tape to be placed. If you’ve got ready made cotton balls, then it would actually save time. But since we’re on a budget here, I just rolled those fluffy things into balls. It isn’t that hard and This is the fun part by the way, which we would leave for the kids to do. But since I have to make a dummy, this is how it looks like. 🙂

3.) Next, After the glue dries up, roll the cardboard slowly till both empty ends meet. Tape the ends with Masking Tape. It would look a bit messy at the back portion. But this would not matter because this would be facing the door surface.

Don’t you just love the cumulus beauty? Haha! 😀 My sister said it looks like a fluffy colorful squid!

4.) Lastly, cut the yarn to about 8 inches or so. Tape the ends with masking tape to the sides inside the rolled up cardboard.

The finished product! Isn’t it cute? I loved it so much I even told my sister that we could keep it. 😉

We all know there’s a rainbow always after the rain.. (Go ahead, hum to the song!) Haha! We do know that rainbows always signifies God’s promise and He ALWAYS fulfillis HIS promises right? See, crafts are not just for fun, but we learn and remember things about GOD as well! 😉

I hope you enjoyed this craft as much as I did!  The kids did too! Praise God! More DIY crafts to come for you craft junkies or Sunday School teachers alike! All for His Glory!  😉


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