FOOD FOR THOUGHT:Dolce and Bellini

Do forgive me for I have not blogged in a while. Especially a food blog.

My cousin and girl friends have long been wanting to get out together to bond one Fri. night. The result: Bulging bellies but Pure fun! 😉

We decided to head out to dolce cafe, Lahug. and we had a blast, well, our stomachs had a blast rather with our milk teas and bento meals. Here’s what I ate:

Ribs Bento Box

Being the Strawberry addict that I am, I had none other than Strawberry Milk Tea. The softdrinks were complimentary and the girls placed it in the picture to make me seem like a parched up camel! Haha!

The common denominator between us girls? No, not the food… but that we all graduated from nursing courses! Coincidental? 😉

We decided to take a stroll in the moonlight sky… (♫Romantic Music♫)… Haha, I couldn’t help it. The place was really romantic and it’s a great place to view the city lights!

We decided to check out a nearby bar, Bellini. There was a live acoustic band and the place was perfectly lit to set a romantic mood. Great place choice girls! And our sweet tooths craving for more, we ordered some ice cream… (That’s what we can only afford in the place! Bwahaha!) Check out the pictures, Some of them from my friend’s glorious SLR! Thanks!

I love the romantic gothic design!

We ordered Chocolate Ice Cream with Berries… My 2 favorite sinful desserts… I seriously died and went to dessert Heaven!

My cousin decided to try the green tea ice cream. It wasn’t too shabby either, plus they paired it with a sweet crispy wafer! Cute!

The hungry little monster wants to try all the sweets… Oh if I had a lot of moolah to try all of those!

Don’t you just love the breathtaking view…. The scenery…not the one who’s posing… ahem ahem…. Or maybe both? Haha!

Would you look at that? We were fooled by the battery operated candles!

Busy studying the Menu

It was a great night indeed enjoying food and friends! Totally priceless! We had holes in our wallets I believe, but it was worth it! Now, the only problem is to work off all the calories gained that night! Tsk! Tsk!

‘Till next time girls! 😉


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