Surprise! Surprise! Another type of blog you get to read from now on….BOOKWORM CHRONICLES… for the bookworm in me lives! I have blogged pieces about food, fashion, music, and most especially excerpts about God. But, here’s where you’ll get the literary side of me, to the delight of other bookworms out there!

So I’m going to share with you one of my favorite reads, Cat and Dog Theology by Bob Sjorgen and Gerald Robison.  I’ve finished this a long time ago but I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned because it basically has great pointers for us Christians, especially on how we should live for God! Even seminars are given with this topic and it’s a great eye opener!

The main difference between Cats and Dogs is that Cats would say about their masters “You feed me, You play with me, You love me, I must be god!” As for dogs, they would say, “You feed me, You play with me, You love me, You must be God!” As you can observe my dear cat and dog owners that their personalities are pole opposites. Cats, though cute as they are, they exhibig moody appeals. Sorry to sound so negative. But it’s on my open-thought based opinion. Dogs however, are willing to die for their masters in general. Now, don’t hate me cat owners, but these are just analogies to the Christian walk. Humans are selfish by nature. We can’t help it. We love to get all the honor and respect due us. However, after we have come to know Jesus, how HE selflessly sacrificed himself for us mere humans, we can’t help but be amazed at his humility yet with glorious majesty together! It’s too much for mere men to comprehend.

Many times we live like cats, and we sometimes get this mixed notion that God actually lives for us. Wrong! We were made to live for God and serve God alone! This is what makes Him truly happy. If you notice dogs, they want to please their master at all times. This is the attitude that God wants us to have yet we fail to see this perspective in our daily walk with Him. He is not just our master, He’s our friend and He truly cares! So next time you play with your cat or your dog, may these thoughts run through you mind and may it continue to remind us how we should live to please our true Master!

For those who are probably thinking whether to buy a cat or a dog, please by all means go by your choice and don’t give your cat a dagger stare! Haha!

Here’s the latest edition….. Go grab your copy now!


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