Japanese/Chinese Princess

When I was younger, I used to complain as to why I was born in a Chinese family although most people in our country look up to the Chinese communities. But I didn’t. I didn’t like how people teased us that we looked mean with our chinky eyes and our funny sounding family names. I was comfortable in speaking English, but we were required to speak the Chinese dialect at home… (A-muy). We were also required to learn Mandarin in our school as if our English subjects weren’t demanding enough. It’s so unfair! I secretly wished I was born a Caucasian. Now, people admired these tall, fair-skinned, and beautiful people. It’s what the media exposes as beauty.

Now I realized that I was a fool to think of those juvenile thoughts. I didn’t realize the beauty of the Chinese culture until I had the privelage to travel to countries such as China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. My head swirled whenever I had to communicate with the locals there. Such fluent Mandarin! I felt like a mute person giving hand signals or anything we could think of just so they could understand what we were trying to say!  I have also discovered the beauty of drinking tea and eating Chinese food (Yum!) through chopsticks, now that’s skilled dexterity you have there! It makes me feel like a boss! I also like how we respect the elderly and in return we get a hefty sum of money placed inside a red envelope called Ang Pao. Haha! Well, these are just a few things from my culture that I’m proud of. So what can I say? I’m proud to be Chinese, chinky eyed, yellow skinned and all!

Last week, we were invited to attend a debut wherein I had to play the violin as requested by the debutante’s mother. I was delighted of course, but the main dilemna: WHAT TO WEAR? We were not informed of the theme of the party. Since the debutante is Chinese,  I decided to play safe and wear red, another Chinese culture wherein the birthday celebrant wears red, a symbol of good luck and blessings. Of course, I’m not the celebrant but I’m sure her Chinese relatives would not mind.

Dress: Desigual, Headband:Broadway Gems, Earrings:Japan, Bag:OL, Wedges:CLN

This Chinese opera guy at the back of my dress looks like He doesn’t want anyone to look at my behind… So don’t! Haha! This dress has a sense of humor! 😉

I love how they combined oriental effects with circus artistry in this whole dress. It’s inspired by Cirque du Soleil, one of the world’s best circuses! It’s so attractive that I decided to tone down with the accessories.

I went all red as I matched the dress with my mom’s fan earrings. It made me feel all Japanese, and to think that’s where these earrings were from!

 My mom’s vintage red bag (from her single days!)…

and red strappy wedges to have that classic Japanese Geta (slippers) look…

and like any other princess, I had my own tiara. Well, in my case, a formal diamond headband. Obviously, those are not real diamonds…. I’m not as glam as you think! 😉

As for my makeup, I went all Oriental too…. I put on some black eyeliner and swiped it to make it more “Cat” like… or “Chinese” for that matter…. It’s one of the secrets I’ve learned to make my chinky eyes look wider.  I donned some red lipstick too so that I’m close to being a Kabuki actress sans the elaborate makeup! Haha! So, what do you think?

Just so you know, this blog is a 2 way junction because this is a tribute to 2 birthday girls, the debutante and my close friend, whom I wasn’t able to greet personally during her birthday because I was in Manila. I hope our gift and this blog would suffice! 😉 I came up with this idea to dress up like a princess because, coincidence probably had to do with it, they share the same personalities though they are miles apart. They are sweet, bubbly, and everything la femme, in a good way! This was quite a challenge for me because I’ve never dreamt to be a princess. Not my kind of dream at all! In fact when I was a kid, though I played with Barbie dolls and dressed them up, I’d be more excited playing tag or other outdoor games with my cousins or friends. So girly delights kind of make me cringe, sorry to say.  But for these girls, I gave in and I have to admit, I had fun! It’s not bad to be girly and “princess” once in a while because I believe every girl deserves to be treated as one! Cheers to all other princesses out there, whether by royal title or by their royal dreams! 😉 Besides, being part of God’s family, we are practically entitled to that endeavor because He’s King! Praise God! 🙂

To the debutante’s family, I want to thank you for inviting us to that joyous occasion and your service to us.  I had my share of laughter and nerves at the same time! Thanks also for the gift!

To my close pal, you know who you are, I hope you enjoyed this tribute to you! Hehe! Thought we’d switch fashion plates for a while, you go “Rocker”, and I go “Princessey!” Haha! But we always do that! Love ya! 😉

I’ll end this blog with how Flynn from Disney’s Tangled, describes it, “The smoulder…” Haha! 😉 ‘Till next blog!


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