The title says it all about my look for this post. I didn’t have an exact theme to create when pairing all these pieces together. So maybe you could describe my look for me.

I’m always a fan of quirky and weird clothes. So I matched an inner tank and Khaki Skirt with this black top with an “unexplain-able” print with “see through” holes. By the way, if you could decipher the code written in it, you’re an absolute genius! Because up to now, I still can’t read it! 😀

Fedora:Black Sheep, Top:One Perfect. Earrings: S.T.U.D, Skirt: Robinsons Dep’t Store, Bag:Greenhills, Flats:Chorus

I felt all “Tourist” with my overused Fedora and Feather earrings. I gave my heels a rest and paired it with pretty red striped flats.

To add a bit to the quirkiness, I brought my structured color block bag which gives a “Business – Chic” feel to the outfit.

What do you think of the look?

I want to challenge myself and for fun’s sake, if you have any fashion ravings (Ex: What I would wear with a black dress? Stuff like that….) or any character you would want me to emulate in my outfits, do comment. But please, no skimpy or revealing type of fashion or full costumed cosplay characters ( I don’t have the budget!) I am a conservative person. :)  Can’t wait to hear from you!



The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a classic story written by Victor Hugo. I believe most of us Disney fans have seen its interpretation a few years back… A great story about love, justice, and compassion. To me, it’s a full blast renaissance inspiration!

My fashion forward friend requested me to do a post inspired by Esmeralda, the gypsy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame….  Here’s how she looks like:

Esmeralda’s outfit is a mish-mash of Steam-punk and Hippie… well, that’s in my own terms anyway. But when I hear “Gypsy”, I think of flowy and frilly details to imbibe the carefree spirit. So here’s my interpretation:

This multi-layered dress screams “Gypsy” to me and my vintage headband and hoops complemented the whole get up. I also added this rope belt on my waist for the “Peasant” vibe.

Headband: Broadway Gems, Hoops:Accessorize, Dress:EDC, Bracelets: Random, Belt:Kashieca,Wedges:Jippi Jappa

Forgive the bulges but I just had to show the great back detail of this dress which gave the frilly dress more oomph! What do you think?

My arm party… If you’ve noticed, it’s got a four – leaf clover there, a sign of good luck for the Irish people. I’m not exactly a believer of luck. I just wore it for the “Gypsy” theme because in the movie, these gypsies were quite superstitious…. 😉

If you have seen the Disney movie, you would notice that Esmeralda, along with the other gypsies danced to “Gypsy” music. It’s all about dance! Now, I’m not quite a dancer… Okay, out with it… I’m not a dancer at all! I believe I have mentioned this in my previous post. (https://jellybites.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/michael-jackson-presto/)

Now, I may not be a dancer, but I am a musician. So I present my best accessory for this outfit:

My precious Violin…. So “Renaissance”, don’t you think?

If you have noticed, I purposely chose this G-Clef background for my photos, showcasing my love for music in all forms…. “Gypsy music” is one of them. So if I were born in the Renaissance, I’d probably be one of those fiddlers in the streets making a living out of music. I recently learned from my teacher that “Gypsy music” was like the “Rock” era of that time because Classical music was the “accepted” kind of music. So I guess Gypsies were the hardcore”rebels” in the music genre of that period? ….  Sounds like me? 😉

Speaking about Gypsy Music, one of my dream pieces to play would be “Czardas” or also known as the “Gypsy Dance” composed by Vittorio Monti. If you’re interested , you can hear this piece in youtube being played by the famous David Garrett, one of my inspirations in playing the violin! 😉 It makes you want to dance to to it! 😉 *Sigh! I hope to play that piece soon!

My dear friend and readers, I hope you enjoyed the post and learned something about gypsies! 😉 ‘Till next post!

What do you think of my look?

I want to challenge myself and for fun’s sake, if you have any fashion ravings (Ex: What I would wear with a black dress? Stuff like that….) or any character you would want me to emulate in my outfits, do comment. But please, no skimpy or revealing type of fashion or full costumed cosplay characters ( I don’t have the budget!) I am a conservative person. :)  Can’t wait to hear from you!


I was never a fan of the Gossip Girl series. But I am impressed with their wardrobes!

Here’s a picture of the leggy Blake Lively, with one of my favorite no-brainer outfits, blazer, top and skirt. Nothing spells classy chic with this get up!

My version of Blake’s Outfit would be that of an orange blazer with polka dotted sleeves, paired with a white top and a polka dot skirt, I’m good to go! I felt so upper class while wearing this!  Now, I always live by the fashion mantra, “Style need not be expensive…”  , A quote Gossip Girl characters probably snob at! So when I got this blazer for a steal, I was so excited that I waited for the perfect moment to wear it a week after I bought it! Doesn’t it just scream Upper East Side?

Blazer:Greenhills, Top:MNG, Skirt:White Gold, Necklaces: F21 & Accessorize,Wedges: f&s, Bag: Coach

I love layering necklaces so here are 2 of my faves, the violin and feathered necklace put together. 🙂

What do you think of my look?

I want to challenge myself and for fun’s sake, if you have any fashion ravings (Ex: What I would wear with a black dress? Stuff like that….) or any character you would want me to emulate in my outfits, do comment. But please, no skimpy or revealing type of fashion or full costumed cosplay characters ( I don’t have the budget!) I am a conservative person. 🙂  Can’t wait to hear from you!

Spiritual Blackout (Reblogged)

We just had a blackout a few days ago. In the Philippines, we call it “brown-out” as a comedic expression of the Filipino brown skin. Well, whatever term we use, without electricity, we Filipinos know the troubles we go through. The extreme heat is intensified, we can’t exactly function, especially in businesses, we’d go crazy without the computer. How are we going to make calls? That’s exactly how I felt and boy, is it boring! I go crazy when I’ve got nothing to do. With that, God enlightened my heart on  how we sometimes allow a spiritual blackout in our lives. I came across this blog which emphasizes the same burden I’m having lately.

Spiritual Blackout

During the blackout, did you ever walk into a room and automatically reach up to turn on a light switch? Did you end up stopping yourself from doing this after a time or two? And were you disappointed each time that the power that would normally make it work wasn’t there?I think that sometimes in our lives our spiritual “power” goes out and we’re left in the dark. It may be that we’re going through the motions without real sincerity- reading our scriptures, saying our prayers, going to church- the equivalent of turning on a light switch that has no power. Or maybe we’re living in the dark and not really aware of it or don’t really care until the sun sets and it becomes dark and scary, which I would compare to knowing the things we should be doing but not bothering to do them, or possibly having sins that we should be repenting of but not taking the steps to do so. Either way we’re still in a blackout and need to work to get that power back so that we have light in our lives.Most of us waited for hours or days to have our power restored by the power company’s crews. Imagine if those crews didn’t bother to show up until we actually made a call and specifically invited them to come fix our particular problem. I think we’d probably still be without power! But with Christ we do have to make the effort to have our “power” restored. He’s generous enough to give us all the power we want, but we have to do certain things to bring it into our homes and our lives.

Christ’s power works much differently than electricity. Electricity, as we’ve seen, can be turned off or stopped. Christ’s light cannot. It doesn’t go out during the storms of life. It’s always there. It doesn’t need anything to generate it or distribute it. All it needs is an outlet, or someone to turn on the switch. I’d say that he provides us all the power we need without cost, but this wouldn’t be true. He requires payments of sincere efforts, humility, sacrifice, service, and love. Without our payments He can’t send as much of His power as He’d like to, and we’ll be sitting in the dark. I don’t know about you, but I rather enjoy all the comforts and conveniences that come from having Christ’s power in my life!

The times that I feel the lights dimming in my life are the times that I know I need to get up and turn on the switch and pay more attention to Him. I may have let too many distractions sneak in or have just gotten lazy in my efforts or let life’s disappointments get me down. Whatever the case, life is so much better with His light that it’s worth every effort to keep it on! I can live without electricity but not without Christ’s power.

I believe it’s time to turn on the switch and let His “Electricity” bring forth power and charge up our lives once again!

Blessed day everyone! 🙂

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Shomal Kebabs and Curries

I was always an adventurous eater. Blame it on my family who takes food tripping as a past time, especially my dad. So when I was able to meet up with my good friends from elementary in Manila,…We always make it a point to meet every year even once or twice,  That always entitle food and fun! I made sure that I had to eat in some place that couldn’t be found in my hometown. So when we came across Shomal Kebabs and Curries. My adrenaline for exotic food built up. The place had a romantic ambience with dim lights and “Persian” inspired curtains and beads. Talk about “Sultan for a day!” 😉

I love the beaded chandelier! So pretty!

We were on a budget so we went for food sharing such as:

Pita Bread with Hummus (My friend gobbled it all up! I’m kidding!)

Kebab Platter (I loved the Shrimp and Lamb Kebabs!) I’ve always been a fan of Kebabs or Shawarmas!

Especially paired with curry and yogurt! With these mentioned, you could forget that I’m actually Chinese! Hello Gallons of Water though it was not that spicy as expected!

Biryani rice (It brings rice to a whole new level! Totally addictive!)

Delicious, Healthy, Romantic, and Affordable! Want some Kebab fix?  Stop over this great place!  I believe my friends agree too. 😉 ‘Till next pig out… I mean…. food blog! Hehe! 😀

Farmer in the Dell

This month is the birth month of my dad and my friend who requested me to put up an outfit for her. I noticed the one thing they have in common would be their affinity to “corporate wear”.  Career People need fine and dandy career suits ei? 😉 My dad always told me that He loved seeing me in a polo shirt because it makes me look smart. Polo shirts are basically what he wears to work too! However, for this post, I’m going to pinch up the stiff “business” look and come out as a country-bred urban farmer!

Of course I wouldn’t plow the field in these duds. If I were to work up the farm, I’d  have to roll up my sleeves, don some jeans and tattered boots, put on a straw hat, and probably chew on some cud…. On second thought, let’s go on with the outfit shall we? 😛

Polo:Terranova, Fedora:Black Sheep, Pin:Taiwan, Belt:PAP, Bag:Relic, Shoes:B Club,Ring:Apostrophe, Earrings:Random

Though I don’t own a wide straw hat, I’ve been reusing this straw fedora. It always recreates your look and gives a dash of “chic” to any outfit. I paired my sister’s awesome checkered polo with this white skirt I’ve owned since high school! I put on my quirky pineapple earrings (I’d probably be a Pineapple Farmer! Kidding!) and a yellow belt, and Voila, the  Philippine flag colors strike again! I’ve always loved this combination!

My mom’s oh so “posh” denim pumps. It’s so classy and complements my outfit well. I felt like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Go ahead, click those heels with me and bring me home! Haha! Kidding!

My close pals know I magnetize to quirky accessories, so here’s one of them. I love playing Pac-man games! People born in the 90’s could relate to this!

I thought this butterfly pin added oomph to the getup, don’t you think?  It’s a great contrast to the bold colors of the checkered polo;)

 I know I should be happy because my dad’s going to be a year older, but I am also sad because my friend’s dad passed away recently. 😦  I believe nothing could explain that kind of sorrow and pain in one’s life. Even if I said, “Hope this blog cheers you up.” ( I really wish it would… 🙂 ), It would never replace her memories with her father. But in tribute to both our fathers, dear friend, I hope not only does this post brighten your day, but it would remind us that our Heavenly Father always knows what’s best especially in times of sorrow. So I know you’ll be okay.  Keep your chin up. Look up to Him. He’s in control! 😉 (Or maybe you could sing “Farmer in the Dell”…. Did you know that I’ve always been a kidder? 😉 )

Happy birthday Dad and to you, my “fashionista” friend. Smile 😀 ‘Till next blog! 😉

The Mistress

Last Sunday, my grandma wanted to watch The Mistress, a Filipino film starring  first class actors themselves, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. Now, I’m not exactly a fan of Pinoy Romantic Dramas, as unpatriotic as it sounds, I’m sorry! 😦 It’s just that I’m more of a Disney/Adventure/Romantic Comedy movie type of person. But because I love my grandma, I decided to take her out on a movie date.

The story is basically what you expect. Bea Alonzo’s role as Sari, is the mistress or “Kabit” in Cebuano term, of a wealthy CEO, Mr. Torres. What makes the story complicated is that Mr. Torres’ stepson, Eric/JD, portrayed by John Lloyd Cruz is in love with Sari too. The story points out that Eric is the son of Mr. Torres’ wife from another man. In other words, both JD’s parents had affairs as well.  This caused a lot of arguments and misunderstandings between JD and his stepfather. It escalated when both parties found out…. The details are up for you to watch! Hehe! Sorry to ruin the moment. Besides, who wants spoilers right? :PI have to admit I had fun! The actors were really great and the plot was as complicated as it gets! I tried to hold back my tears in all honesty! 😛 But my grandma slept in some bits of the movie. Haha.

Anyhow, the reason why I posted this movie is because it reminds me of how we are all “mistresses” before our God. He knows all these illicit affairs that we have.  It could probably be affairs with the internet, TV, Friends, or anything that could take away our love for God. If the society looks down on women who are labeled, “The other woman”, How come we take lightly our affinity to sin? But He is always a forgiving God.  He doesn’t give up on us despite our repetitive sins. All we have to do is repent and get back to our first love for Him. It’s not too late as long as it’s NOW. He never loved us based on our status quo. Broken as we are, He takes us in His loving arms and calls us His children. It doesn’t get any better than this! 😉

So if ever you are able to watch this movie, I hope it reminds us of our relationship to God. It shouldn’t be forever a mistress, but we are married to Him! Solely to Him alone! 😉