Dr. Ingrid Sala Santamaria Golden Concert

Here’s the blog about Dr. Ingrid’s Concert as I’ve stated previously…..

I remember my piano recital days when I was still in Elementary and played in the “Battig”… When I saw Dr. Santamaria, I just thought that she was the primary sponsor for Cebuano musicians back then. I didn’t know that she herself is a renowned concert pianist! Shame on me! Tsk! Tsk!

When I knew that Dr. Ingrid was going to hold her 50th Anniversary Concert last September, celebrating 50 years as a musician or an artist, I was ecstatic! Thank you to my churchmate who helped us get some tickets! My grandma, cousin, and I are eternally grateful! Exaggeration intended!

Now, I have to be honest. Sometimes piano concerts could bore me in between, especially really long pieces. But what made this specific event more interesting was that Dr. Ingrid would be accompanied by First Class Musicians themselves, the Peace Philharmonic Philippines Quintet composed of Marc Hamlet Mercado on first violin, Reynaldo Abellana on second violin, Christian Abaiz on clarinet, Ariel Perez on bassoon, and Christopher D. Mañus on double bass. Plus, one of them is my teacher so I had to get some musical inspiration eh? 😉

Sadly, due to my hurry to Marco Polo, where it would be held, I left my camera! 😦  Thankfully I was able to get pictures from Andrian Sevilla. Thank you so much! 🙂 Here are some pictures from that grand night.

Now, that’s how you make a grand entrance!

The event started with pictures of Dr. Ingrid Santamaria’s younger years and her playing the piano. She has even been featured in local magazines as one of the best artists in Cebu! Even a short clip of her playing a “Tshaicovsky” piece with an orchestra was shown. Later, her grandchildren with their glamorous get up paraded and soon the musicians were introduced one by one, including Dr. Santamaria herself!

They played 2 pieces, with an encore (Piano Concerto # 1 by Chopin, Piano Concerto # 2 by Mendelssohn, and Piano Concerto # 2 by Rachmaninoff respectively)

Throughout their playing, my eyes were having the time of their life roaming in between these awesome musicians. They truly knew how to bring you within the music and get lost at it.. in a good way of course! 😉 I even saw people closing their eyes and swaying to the music. Once again I have to be honest, I was not bored for the first time! My grandma and cousin had fun too!

Dr. Ingrid receiving her awards!

As Dr. Santamaria was receiving her awards and having her pictures taken with her family, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride for her talent and for the PPP Quintet musicians.  They were that good! Bravissimo! The tickets were totally worth it!

The performers….I love everybody’s get up here! So Golden and Grand! Love the bowties! 😉

The one and only, Dr. Ingrid Sala Santamaria. Not only is she beautiful, but she makes beautiful music as well! Plus, she has an equally beautiful mission too! And that is to create a passion for classical music within Filipinos, Cebu specifically! Well, Madam Ingrid, I’m sold! I hope the others who were in that same event captured your mission and passion as well! I left the event with ears satisfied and heart pumping to improve in my music! Now that’s what you call a concert with a purpose ;)… It’s not just to raise money…. but to raise the musical awareness in everybody! 😉

I hope to see more concerts coming soon! ‘Till next Musical Musings! God bless! 😉


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