The Mistress

Last Sunday, my grandma wanted to watch The Mistress, a Filipino film starring  first class actors themselves, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. Now, I’m not exactly a fan of Pinoy Romantic Dramas, as unpatriotic as it sounds, I’m sorry! 😦 It’s just that I’m more of a Disney/Adventure/Romantic Comedy movie type of person. But because I love my grandma, I decided to take her out on a movie date.

The story is basically what you expect. Bea Alonzo’s role as Sari, is the mistress or “Kabit” in Cebuano term, of a wealthy CEO, Mr. Torres. What makes the story complicated is that Mr. Torres’ stepson, Eric/JD, portrayed by John Lloyd Cruz is in love with Sari too. The story points out that Eric is the son of Mr. Torres’ wife from another man. In other words, both JD’s parents had affairs as well.  This caused a lot of arguments and misunderstandings between JD and his stepfather. It escalated when both parties found out…. The details are up for you to watch! Hehe! Sorry to ruin the moment. Besides, who wants spoilers right? :PI have to admit I had fun! The actors were really great and the plot was as complicated as it gets! I tried to hold back my tears in all honesty! 😛 But my grandma slept in some bits of the movie. Haha.

Anyhow, the reason why I posted this movie is because it reminds me of how we are all “mistresses” before our God. He knows all these illicit affairs that we have.  It could probably be affairs with the internet, TV, Friends, or anything that could take away our love for God. If the society looks down on women who are labeled, “The other woman”, How come we take lightly our affinity to sin? But He is always a forgiving God.  He doesn’t give up on us despite our repetitive sins. All we have to do is repent and get back to our first love for Him. It’s not too late as long as it’s NOW. He never loved us based on our status quo. Broken as we are, He takes us in His loving arms and calls us His children. It doesn’t get any better than this! 😉

So if ever you are able to watch this movie, I hope it reminds us of our relationship to God. It shouldn’t be forever a mistress, but we are married to Him! Solely to Him alone! 😉



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