Farmer in the Dell

This month is the birth month of my dad and my friend who requested me to put up an outfit for her. I noticed the one thing they have in common would be their affinity to “corporate wear”.  Career People need fine and dandy career suits ei? 😉 My dad always told me that He loved seeing me in a polo shirt because it makes me look smart. Polo shirts are basically what he wears to work too! However, for this post, I’m going to pinch up the stiff “business” look and come out as a country-bred urban farmer!

Of course I wouldn’t plow the field in these duds. If I were to work up the farm, I’d  have to roll up my sleeves, don some jeans and tattered boots, put on a straw hat, and probably chew on some cud…. On second thought, let’s go on with the outfit shall we? 😛

Polo:Terranova, Fedora:Black Sheep, Pin:Taiwan, Belt:PAP, Bag:Relic, Shoes:B Club,Ring:Apostrophe, Earrings:Random

Though I don’t own a wide straw hat, I’ve been reusing this straw fedora. It always recreates your look and gives a dash of “chic” to any outfit. I paired my sister’s awesome checkered polo with this white skirt I’ve owned since high school! I put on my quirky pineapple earrings (I’d probably be a Pineapple Farmer! Kidding!) and a yellow belt, and Voila, the  Philippine flag colors strike again! I’ve always loved this combination!

My mom’s oh so “posh” denim pumps. It’s so classy and complements my outfit well. I felt like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Go ahead, click those heels with me and bring me home! Haha! Kidding!

My close pals know I magnetize to quirky accessories, so here’s one of them. I love playing Pac-man games! People born in the 90’s could relate to this!

I thought this butterfly pin added oomph to the getup, don’t you think?  It’s a great contrast to the bold colors of the checkered polo;)

 I know I should be happy because my dad’s going to be a year older, but I am also sad because my friend’s dad passed away recently. 😦  I believe nothing could explain that kind of sorrow and pain in one’s life. Even if I said, “Hope this blog cheers you up.” ( I really wish it would… 🙂 ), It would never replace her memories with her father. But in tribute to both our fathers, dear friend, I hope not only does this post brighten your day, but it would remind us that our Heavenly Father always knows what’s best especially in times of sorrow. So I know you’ll be okay.  Keep your chin up. Look up to Him. He’s in control! 😉 (Or maybe you could sing “Farmer in the Dell”…. Did you know that I’ve always been a kidder? 😉 )

Happy birthday Dad and to you, my “fashionista” friend. Smile 😀 ‘Till next blog! 😉


2 thoughts on “Farmer in the Dell

  1. Very nice… 🙂
    Keep it coming 🙂

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