The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a classic story written by Victor Hugo. I believe most of us Disney fans have seen its interpretation a few years back… A great story about love, justice, and compassion. To me, it’s a full blast renaissance inspiration!

My fashion forward friend requested me to do a post inspired by Esmeralda, the gypsy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame….  Here’s how she looks like:

Esmeralda’s outfit is a mish-mash of Steam-punk and Hippie… well, that’s in my own terms anyway. But when I hear “Gypsy”, I think of flowy and frilly details to imbibe the carefree spirit. So here’s my interpretation:

This multi-layered dress screams “Gypsy” to me and my vintage headband and hoops complemented the whole get up. I also added this rope belt on my waist for the “Peasant” vibe.

Headband: Broadway Gems, Hoops:Accessorize, Dress:EDC, Bracelets: Random, Belt:Kashieca,Wedges:Jippi Jappa

Forgive the bulges but I just had to show the great back detail of this dress which gave the frilly dress more oomph! What do you think?

My arm party… If you’ve noticed, it’s got a four – leaf clover there, a sign of good luck for the Irish people. I’m not exactly a believer of luck. I just wore it for the “Gypsy” theme because in the movie, these gypsies were quite superstitious…. 😉

If you have seen the Disney movie, you would notice that Esmeralda, along with the other gypsies danced to “Gypsy” music. It’s all about dance! Now, I’m not quite a dancer… Okay, out with it… I’m not a dancer at all! I believe I have mentioned this in my previous post. (

Now, I may not be a dancer, but I am a musician. So I present my best accessory for this outfit:

My precious Violin…. So “Renaissance”, don’t you think?

If you have noticed, I purposely chose this G-Clef background for my photos, showcasing my love for music in all forms…. “Gypsy music” is one of them. So if I were born in the Renaissance, I’d probably be one of those fiddlers in the streets making a living out of music. I recently learned from my teacher that “Gypsy music” was like the “Rock” era of that time because Classical music was the “accepted” kind of music. So I guess Gypsies were the hardcore”rebels” in the music genre of that period? ….  Sounds like me? 😉

Speaking about Gypsy Music, one of my dream pieces to play would be “Czardas” or also known as the “Gypsy Dance” composed by Vittorio Monti. If you’re interested , you can hear this piece in youtube being played by the famous David Garrett, one of my inspirations in playing the violin! 😉 It makes you want to dance to to it! 😉 *Sigh! I hope to play that piece soon!

My dear friend and readers, I hope you enjoyed the post and learned something about gypsies! 😉 ‘Till next post!

What do you think of my look?

I want to challenge myself and for fun’s sake, if you have any fashion ravings (Ex: What I would wear with a black dress? Stuff like that….) or any character you would want me to emulate in my outfits, do comment. But please, no skimpy or revealing type of fashion or full costumed cosplay characters ( I don’t have the budget!) I am a conservative person. :)  Can’t wait to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Esmeralda

  1. I had fun reading 🙂

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