The title says it all about my look for this post. I didn’t have an exact theme to create when pairing all these pieces together. So maybe you could describe my look for me.

I’m always a fan of quirky and weird clothes. So I matched an inner tank and Khaki Skirt with this black top with an “unexplain-able” print with “see through” holes. By the way, if you could decipher the code written in it, you’re an absolute genius! Because up to now, I still can’t read it! 😀

Fedora:Black Sheep, Top:One Perfect. Earrings: S.T.U.D, Skirt: Robinsons Dep’t Store, Bag:Greenhills, Flats:Chorus

I felt all “Tourist” with my overused Fedora and Feather earrings. I gave my heels a rest and paired it with pretty red striped flats.

To add a bit to the quirkiness, I brought my structured color block bag which gives a “Business – Chic” feel to the outfit.

What do you think of the look?

I want to challenge myself and for fun’s sake, if you have any fashion ravings (Ex: What I would wear with a black dress? Stuff like that….) or any character you would want me to emulate in my outfits, do comment. But please, no skimpy or revealing type of fashion or full costumed cosplay characters ( I don’t have the budget!) I am a conservative person. :)  Can’t wait to hear from you!


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