People nowadays are more experimental in fashion. Print on print used to be a fashion no-no. But now, it’s been broken a million times. I believe it’s basically about  how you combine the right colors and prints that complement each other! That’s how the print on print style works!

This month is my sister’s birth month, and being the artist in the family, I dedicate this splattered outfit post for her!    Artists are known for wearing the typical bonnet and smock getup. It’s actually cool to see them paint and with all the splatter in their smock, it’s art as well!

Here’s my version of print on print. Yes, it’s a tribal inspired outfit again, but, with full color blasts everywhere! I immediately fell in love with this splattered top. My mom didn’t really agree in letting me buy it because it would overwhelm my petite figure. But it’s too irresistible for me to put down! I had no regrets in buying it because it’s one of my favorite pieces to date.  Plus, paired with these awesome colorful tribal print leggings, it’s Artistic intensity you’ve got here! Haha! 😀

Tip in pairing print on print: Make sure the colors and prints complement each other. Go low-key on accessories as much as possible, so as not to ward off people and let them think you are in some sort of mental state. Haha. 😀

Top: Taiwan, Leggings:South Shores, Bag and Purse:Gift, Earrings:F21, Necklace:Promod, Shades:Ray-Ban(fake), Ring: Greenhills

To play along with my colorful outfit, I borrowed my mom’s chunky necklace and toned it down with these awesome triangular earrings.

Born in a musically inclined family, it rubs off on the clothes and accessories I wear. So here’s a piano purse/bag tag, my cousin bought for my birthday years ago. Don’t you just love it’s quirkiness?

In tribute to my sister,I’ll end this blog with some of her artworks…. Ogle and Enjoy her God-given talent and do tell me your comments!

Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon! :3

Matador’s Girlfriend

In courtesy of me, but I am not a tree!

Again, in courtesy of me… hehehe….

If you want more artworks from her, do comment in this blog…. Thank you! 😉

By the way, I want to challenge myself and for fun’s sake, if you have any fashion ravings (Ex: What I would wear with a black dress? Stuff like that….) or any character you would want me to emulate in my outfits, do comment. But please, no skimpy or revealing type of fashion or full costumed cosplay characters ( I don’t have the budget!) I am a conservative person. :)  Can’t wait to hear from you!


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