Ending 2012 With A Concert

While others were frantically buying Christmas gifts and preparing for the holidays, the Cebu Philharmonic Orchestra, the group I’m presently active in, were busy preparing for a grand Christmas Concert held last Dec. 23, 2012 (Sun.) at SM Cebu. What made this event special? You guessed it. Once again, the one and only, Dr. Ingrid Sala Santamaria was going to play Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 accompanied by the orchestra.


The event started with the Philippine National Anthem followed by Rach’s Concerto. This very complex piece really challenged my note reading skills. Though we had rehearsed the piece a lot, I still had my dunce moments when there were time and key signature changes as we played. Up to this moment, I am still trying my best to appreciate Rach’s work of art though I know most pianist virtuosos love to play his pieces. Peace my fellow pianists! I believe everyone did a good job though! The event then proceeded as the orchestra serenaded the crowd with Christmas Carols. What made the whole event memorable was when the orchestra played the very famous, “Oppa Gangnam Style” by PSY. I believe everyone enjoyed that moment! The renowned Cebuano Christmas Carol, “Kasadya”, was just the perfect finale for the whole event, as the Cebuanos sang and clapped along!


The Cebu Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of  Sir Reynaldo Abellana and Sir Reydon Encinares.




I have posted previously about Dr. Ingrid’s vision of seeing Filipinos, Cebuanos in particular, appreciating music. Well, I hope that performance raised that awareness in the hearts of all who witnessed the event!


A free concert given by one of Cebu’s finest virtuosos, great music, and fun! What a unique way to end the year!


I’d like to thank my family and friends who enjoyed the music with us, even to those who had other appointments and had to leave early! Your presence was highly appreciated! (Thanks for the pictures too!) These guys really enjoyed the event so much that they told me to invite them to other upcoming concerts!


(Dr. Ingrid, you have made fans out of my family and friends! 😉 Of course, I’d have to be in that fan list of yours too!!! )


It just seemed like yesterday when I first joined the orchestra last year. It still feels all surreal to me that God has given this longtime dream of mine as a gift. With that, I am forever grateful to Him and for the other things He has blessed me this year as He will continually bless us through our lives! May He guide us as we enter another year! Have a blessed 2013!!!


Space Jungle Queen

The frantic Christmas season shouldn’t get you penniless! Don’t let those sales get to you that you’re tempted to buy things you don’t need at all!  You don’t have to splurge on the perfect dress or outfit to wear to those parties! Do scrounge about in your closet and you would realize the many treasures you have not worn for a long time.

I decided to go all edgy and futuristic with this get-up:



Dress:Jan2x,Leather Skirt:F21,Earrings:Greenhills,Necklace:Penshoppe,Cuff:Gorgeous,Sandals:Itabella, Clutch:Gift



My cousin brought this to one of our dinners and I joshed her that this bag should be mine. I didn’t expect that she’d take it seriously! Haha! Besides, it’s more my style than hers, don’t you think? I’m joshing again! 😉 Thank you my pretty cousin! I owe you one clutch! LOL! :*


I know it’s so cliche to come out all red, green, or gold during these season. However, it’s the choice of clothes you wear that make the difference! I love the unique cut of this dress. It got a lot of mixed comments… like my churchmate called me a “funky” conductor while My sister said this is “Lady Gaga inspired.” I’m not a fan of her, nor am I a conductor… so I’d rather call myself the Jungle Space Queen… Haha!!! Who knew that tribal accessories could go well with futuristic pieces?  What do you think?


Have a Happy Holidays Everyone! Now, on toward the New Year!!!

Happy Birthday Jesus!


This season is not just for parties, gifts, and bonuses. It’s a time to remember the birth of Jesus, the one who gave the best gift of all to mankind, HIMSELF. There is truly no one else who could love us that much that he would die for his “Friends” as He calls us.

Here’s one of my favorite Sunday School Christian Songs: Happy Birthday Jesus!

Happy birthday, Jesus
I’m so glad it’s Christmas
All the tinsel and lights
And the presents are nice
But the real gift is You

Happy birthday, Jesus
I’m so glad it’s Christmas
All the carols and bells
Make the holiday swell
And it’s all about You

Happy Birthday Jesus,

Jesus I love you!

So what is our gift for our Savior this season? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!!!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Cafe Old Cul de Sac

Usually about this time of year, we always get together with friends and relatives to catch up due to our busy schedules. So I had the opportunity to come here twice with separate groups of people but both groups were all cool about hanging out here! Kudos to us  food trippers! I hope you’d enjoy this blog as much as we enjoyed the food, the place, and most especially the time we spent with one other! *Cheesy alert!*






Talk about Roasting Marshmallows in the fire place… How cozy! 🙂




What a romantic and cozy setting! My friend who took most of these pictures (Thanks for your trustee glorious SLR!) stated that this is a perfect place for me to propose. I raised an eyebrow at her and said, “Excuse me, it’s the guy who has to do the proposing!” LOL! But I couldn’t agree more to her suggestion…. I could perfectly picture a couple in between those pretty lighted trees slow dancing…. Won’t you romantics agree?


We were definitely not on a diet that time!…. Haha! 😀


Pumpkin Soup anyone? With a dash of paprika and herbs! 😉 Yum!


I love curry, so I went for the Fish and Curry Meal Package.

DSC02153A great thirst quenching drink for fruit shake lovers, Tropical Smoothie….. A definite must try!


I’m not exactly a fan of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream… But their homemade version was worth every bite!

Here are pictures as proof that my relatives, friends and I enjoyed the place and the food!





Do visit this place some time for that cozy ambience as you dine with your loved ones!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!! 😉

Holiday of Tunes 2012

I have to be honest. I was never a fan of Beethoven’s orchestra or violin pieces. I’m more fixated to his piano compositions such as the well known “Fur Elise”. I was given the opportunity to play on my violin, one of his compositions  entitled, “Sonata No.5 (Spring) 1st Movement.” This duet piece between the violin and piano entangled me into its’ awesome romantic music that I started practicing right away! However, when I heard that I was going to be accompanied by THE “Dr. Ingrid Sala Santamaria”, my nerves went haywire! (If you recall, I have posted about her previously. The link:https://jellybites.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/dr-ingrid-sala-santamaria-golden-concert/)  I didn’t know exactly what to feel. I was excited that I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to play side by side with one of the “GREATS!”, but overwrought because I might mess up in front of her! Hooboy! I told my teacher that I should be the one accompanying her not the other way around! Haha….

I had my general rehearsal with Dr. Santamaria the day before the recital and she was really warm and motherly! While rehearsing together, I was amazed at her sight-reading skills! It’s as if she has played the piece everyday!  She then asked my teacher, Sir Rey Abellana and I to print out the blog I posted about her golden anniversary. Plus, she requested that I should post about this recital and upcoming concerts as well! Talk about having a fan girl moment there! 😉

Here are some pictures of the event , aptly named “Holiday of Tunes”, held at Fu Guang Shan Chu Un Temple: (I’d like to apologize in advance that the pictures are not exactly high resolution and we weren’t able to pictures of all participants. Just ask Sir Rey for copies! LOL! )






This cutie is officially my idol. You think he’s playing “Twinkle Twinkle” Variations? Don’t be fooled because he just played Gavotte from Book 2 and he played it with ease and confidence with great tone quality! Now I know where his future lies!


I’d  like to applaud my church mate! It’s his first recital playing the viola and he did a fine job!







Throughout my playing, I fumbled through some notes because I couldn’t get a hold of my nerves. My bow probably had some vendetta towards the microphone, prodding me to step back a bit further and increase my volume so that people could hear what I was playing. I kept praying inside that I’d keep a straight face and play on.



I’d like to truly thank Dr. Ingrid and Sir Dave (who is an equally talented musician himself)  for keeping up with my playing. I hope I wasn’t too harsh! 😛  After hitting the last chord of the piece and taking a bow, Dr. Ingrid Santamaria smiled and applauded my playing despite my many mistakes and wrong intonations! With that coming from a real life viruoso, I felt really humbled and fulfilled! This is one of the recitals I won’t forget for sure!


To end the program, Dr. Ingrid gave some inspirational message about continuing on in our music because it would help us out through life. Just like Beethoven, though he was deaf, it never stopped him from composing his songs. With that, he became a legend and his awesome compositions are still marveled upon by musicians and music lovers alike!  One of the recitalists was a father and he mentioned that even though he was one of the oldest participants in the recital, he said that you are never too old to learn music! Indeed, music has been a great help to me in all aspects of life. It has always been a part of me. I couldn’t imagine if I was born unappreciative of music! Whenever I am given opportunities to play in recitals or concerts alike, I am always grateful to the greatest musician of all time, Our God! He has given us this gift not for us to boast about how great we play, but through music, remember how intricate and beautiful His creations could be!  Music should not just draw us to the musician, but to the giver of  the gift of music, God himself! 🙂



Congratulations to all the recitalists and let’s not stop playing!



Of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without a picture with Dr. Ingrid Santamaria herself! My mother and grandmothers were delighted! My grandma told me to post this picture in facebook! Haha! 😀


All my gratefulness and respect goes to the one and only Sir Reynaldo Abellana for teaching and inspiring his students, myself  included, to improve in our skills! Thank you for putting up with me!  (Sir Flores is very proud of you, and so am I! Please don’t cry Sir! 😛 )

Also, to those who came to enjoy the music together with us, family and friends alike, thanks so much for your support! We couldn’t have made it this far without you!

‘ Till next blog and Advanced Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tis’ The Season To Be Tribal

Sue me if you’re bored with my affinity to Tribal inspired fashion because here’s another post about it! Haha!



This month is my cousin’s birth month and she gave me this cool blouse as a birthday gift! A fan of printed blouses herself, she probably decided to infuse that fashion sense into me.  So in tribute to her, I’m wearing this with pride! 😉


Blouse:Bayo,Top:Terranova,Bandage Skirt:Isis,Cuff:Gorgeous,Necklace:Comfit,Earrings and Bag:Greenhills,Wedges:CLN




Spikes the limit with my cuff and earrings! I just love Steam Punk!


I was having some trouble with this quirky “Washboard Tribal”- Inspired necklace, as I’d like to call it because it just seems too long for me. I decided to pair it with this outfit and I’m glad with the outcome! I guess it’s all about finding the right outfit to match! This necklace is from my close pal’s store, Comfit. Do visit the Store at J Centre Mall, Mandaue City, Cebu. They’ve got a lot of cool stuff and comfy shoes too!


Getting on with the Christmas hype, I colored my toenails with Face Shop’s Mint Green and Shocky Red Polish. I love how it makes my feet look cute and so Christmas ready! My dad said I could add some Christmas lights to it. Okay, Dad, Okay! 😀



A lot has happened within this month aside from my cousin’s special day. Not to mention Typhoon Pablo probably ruining the lives of many victims. Plus, we all know that the “Pac-man” just recently lost against Marquez to the dismay to all Pinoys around the world. Despite hitting the Christmas season with a sour note, we, Filipinos know how to stand up from a bad fall. We’re strong and brave!  Also, God is holding us in His hands in whatever situation we face. On bended knees and heartfelt prayers to the one who truly cares and we can stand up with Him! So in tribute to God and to my “Tribe”, I’m wearing the colors of the Philippine flag… (once again! Haha!)

Happy birthday once again to my pretty, bubbly, stylish, and caring cousin! Thanks for being you though we’ve got busy schedules, I appreciate the times we spend (pigging out) together and with other friends as well. Looking forward to the other pig out sessions we’re going to have! Haha! We are continually praying for you and you are loved beyond belief! Most especially from our great lover up there!!!  :*

An early Happy Holidays to everyone! 😉

Tropical Toucan

The Summer Months have gone and the rainy seasons have come. I just can’t help but dress up in a light, comfy, and tropical inspired get up. Plus, I heard some bad news that a storm’s coming to the Philippines. Oh, let’s have some prayer for safety for all our loved ones…. As of the moment, I don’t want to dwell in anxiety of this upcoming disaster, aside from prayers, I decided to post another fashion blog to banish the blues. I hope it helps friends and dear readers! 🙂



Headband:Gift, Crop Top: WAGW, Top:One Perfect, Khakis:MNG, Bag:Apostrophe, Shoes:Payless, Necklace:Comfit, Beads:Claire’s


 I love how orange and teal go well together! It brings some punch to the whole outfit, don’t you think? My churchmates said that I looked like a kid in this outfit. I replied, “Of course! I have to be one of them because I’m teaching them!” I wore this to another lesson with our preschool kids! Maybe that’s why they were so well behaved today? I know, I know, it’s wishful thinking! 😉





Orange you glad (Pun intended) that these neon orange stuff complete the whole outfit? These colors literally pop out! I’m loving orange these days!


If you have watched Disney’s George of the Jungle, you’d probably remember “Tookie” the toucan. Well, I just met him all polished and shiny from my close pal’s new shop, Comfit at J Centre Mall! Do visit the store sometime and find some glorious comfy shoes and cool necklaces like this!


Just like this playful and sunny outfit, I hope you’ve been cheered up a bit in some way! A few more weeks and I smell Christmas around the corner! 😉

‘Till next blog! 😀