Small But Terrible

When I was in First Grade, I was one of the taller kids so I beamed with pride every time we had to line up for flag ceremony. However during puberty, my hormones did not cooperate with me. From the last in line, I became one of the first few in front. I shrunk? How is that possible? o.O  I secretly envied the tall, pretty, and skinny girls whom people admired. I hated the fact that I also wore glasses and had braces at that time so I usually complained why I didn’t have perfect teeth or perfect eyesight and most especially perfect height!  Hello “Velma” from Scooby-Doo! 😛 I also hated it when I had to sit in front while most of my close friends sat at the back as the teacher continues to discuss. I would sulk as they exchanged stories and jokes while I had to look so well-behaved in front or else I’d be reprimanded.

By that time, remedies such as taking certain growth pills or having bone scans were proliferating, and we gave these a try. Sadly, none of these had an effect on me. Instead of making me grow taller, I grew wider!  I grumbled inside my heart every time I’d see commercials about growing taller. The doctor finally stated that my bones are fused and I couldn’t grow any further. Doing some sort of surgery, would cause me more harm than good. Plus, it’s costly too. At that moment, I had this grudging notion that God wanted me short forever. Somehow, it did its’ take on my self esteem.

Thankfully by God’s grace, I got busy with my studies, the church that I always go to, and my music. Eventually, I let all these insecurities slide and realized that being short isn’t so bad after all. In fact, I’m having the time of my life! I realized the many benefits one could have though limited in height. Allow me to list them down: (If you’ve noticed, I love lists! 😛 )

1.)  I don’t look my age.

Up to the present, most people would think I’m way younger than I really am. They’d be shocked most of the time when I tell them my age. Oh, you flatterers! But who’s complaining?

2.) Mini skirts/shorts/dresses aren’t exactly “Mini” to me. 

I’ve mentioned that I’m a conservative person. So showing off a lot of skin is a “no-no.” So when I wear these super short stuff, it has the right fit on me that doesn’t show much yet leaves me satisfied with me. 😉

3.) I always get to sit in front.

Remember I mentioned that I didn’t want to sit in the front of class before? Well, when I was in high school and college, I definitely appreciated the fact that I get to sit in front in class! I am and always have been the adamant believer of “No Cheating allowed.”  So being in front causes less distractions and the teacher can easily see me too! I don’t have to squint or stand just to see what’s written on the board!

4.) I can comfortably curl into bus or airplane seats when I need a nap.

When I have the whole bus or airplane seats to myself, and the sleepy bug has bitten, I can easily curl up without disturbing anyone. Forty winks while traveling? Awesome!

4.)  Heels, heels, heels!

I was a boyish kid , so I would grumble every time I would have to strap on some heels. Hello, I prefer sneakers where I could comfortably jump, run, and play around! Now, I understand why every woman must own some pair of heels. It not only gives you height, but a boost of confidence in some way. It’s something that men can’t wear so I do believe that’s why men like to see women in heels. Of course, I still love sneakers. But for special occasions, where are those killer heels? 😉

5.) My Elementary/High School Clothes still fit!

I am completely honest with you when I say this. Yes, I still have those old jeans, shirts, and shoes since “Backstreet’s Back!” (90’s kids can relate! 😛 ) With that said, we save money on new clothes and I can always reinvent them my way! Isn’t that awesome!

6.) I can get an award for being small but terrible!

Obviously, this is not for everyone. I’ll never forget my last year in college when our class president poked in some fun by giving each of our classmates specific awards during our Christmas party. When she announced the “Small but Terrible” award, everyone mentioned my name right away. I couldn’t contain my laughter. Am I really that terrible? 😀

Anyways, this post is not a vigilant cry that petite people are cool…but in whatever shape, race, size, gender that we are made up of, Jesus loves us the same! 🙂  His desire is for us to use our talents to glorify Him. He does not look at the outward things like this world does. He looks within the heart and with this heart, He wants us to offer it to Him so we can do great things for Him! That’s what matters in this life! I’ve learned to use what God has given me and I’m having the time of my life. So what if I’m small? Remember David from the story of David and Goliath? It was not the mighty men who killed the giant, but the small kid who allowed a BIG God to use Him for His victory!

This small but terrible Jellyfish now signing off!  ‘Till more posts! God bless! 😉


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