Tropical Toucan

The Summer Months have gone and the rainy seasons have come. I just can’t help but dress up in a light, comfy, and tropical inspired get up. Plus, I heard some bad news that a storm’s coming to the Philippines. Oh, let’s have some prayer for safety for all our loved ones…. As of the moment, I don’t want to dwell in anxiety of this upcoming disaster, aside from prayers, I decided to post another fashion blog to banish the blues. I hope it helps friends and dear readers! 🙂



Headband:Gift, Crop Top: WAGW, Top:One Perfect, Khakis:MNG, Bag:Apostrophe, Shoes:Payless, Necklace:Comfit, Beads:Claire’s


 I love how orange and teal go well together! It brings some punch to the whole outfit, don’t you think? My churchmates said that I looked like a kid in this outfit. I replied, “Of course! I have to be one of them because I’m teaching them!” I wore this to another lesson with our preschool kids! Maybe that’s why they were so well behaved today? I know, I know, it’s wishful thinking! 😉





Orange you glad (Pun intended) that these neon orange stuff complete the whole outfit? These colors literally pop out! I’m loving orange these days!


If you have watched Disney’s George of the Jungle, you’d probably remember “Tookie” the toucan. Well, I just met him all polished and shiny from my close pal’s new shop, Comfit at J Centre Mall! Do visit the store sometime and find some glorious comfy shoes and cool necklaces like this!


Just like this playful and sunny outfit, I hope you’ve been cheered up a bit in some way! A few more weeks and I smell Christmas around the corner! 😉

‘Till next blog! 😀


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