Space Jungle Queen

The frantic Christmas season shouldn’t get you penniless! Don’t let those sales get to you that you’re tempted to buy things you don’t need at all!  You don’t have to splurge on the perfect dress or outfit to wear to those parties! Do scrounge about in your closet and you would realize the many treasures you have not worn for a long time.

I decided to go all edgy and futuristic with this get-up:



Dress:Jan2x,Leather Skirt:F21,Earrings:Greenhills,Necklace:Penshoppe,Cuff:Gorgeous,Sandals:Itabella, Clutch:Gift



My cousin brought this to one of our dinners and I joshed her that this bag should be mine. I didn’t expect that she’d take it seriously! Haha! Besides, it’s more my style than hers, don’t you think? I’m joshing again! 😉 Thank you my pretty cousin! I owe you one clutch! LOL! :*


I know it’s so cliche to come out all red, green, or gold during these season. However, it’s the choice of clothes you wear that make the difference! I love the unique cut of this dress. It got a lot of mixed comments… like my churchmate called me a “funky” conductor while My sister said this is “Lady Gaga inspired.” I’m not a fan of her, nor am I a conductor… so I’d rather call myself the Jungle Space Queen… Haha!!! Who knew that tribal accessories could go well with futuristic pieces?  What do you think?


Have a Happy Holidays Everyone! Now, on toward the New Year!!!


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