FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Nonki Japanese Restaurant

Raving for some authentic Japanese cuisine? Then indulge in Nonki Japanese Restaurant, Mandaue. This is one of our family’s favorite restaurants to date. They have been serving great quality food for years and despite the same orders we have, it never fails to satisfy our taste buds….

Here are some of our favorite grub: (Warning: Don’t read while you’re hungry!)


Care for Sea Urchin (Uni) anyone? This is by grandma’s favorite!


I’m a California Maki girl… but try this Crunchy roll as an alternative… Yum!


Into sushi and sashimi? I always order these salmon donggan rolls. Try them to get a perspective of authentic Japanese cuisine! 😛


The famous Agedashi Tofu… A Must Try!


My no fail order as always, Gyoza dumplings!


Grilled Salmon Belly is Love!


Craving for some crunch? Ebi Tempura is your answer. If you’re not into shrip, you can order Vegetable Tempura or Seafood Tempura!


Salmon Head Arani goes well with Chahan (Japanese Fried Rice)


To get your veggie fix, this bowl of Yasai Itame would do!


To Cap off a sumptuous dinner, their green tea matcha ice cream is a must! You can also order this together with fruits…simply Heavenly!

Wipe your mouths before you salivate to dehydration! Haha! So what are you waiting for? Get out and try these  おいしい  “Oishi” (Tasty in Japanese) treats only at Nonki! (どうもありがとうございました) Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita and さようなら Sayonara!

How I wish I knew what ‘Till Next Blog in Japanese means! Oh well… ‘Till next pig out then! 😛


Drunk Flight Attendant

Welcome to the world of  crazy preppy with this print on print outfit I chose to wear last Sunday! My close pal said that I looked like a drunk flight attendant, hence, the title of this post! My mom simply shook her head when she saw me in this outfit! 😛


Striped Top:Metro Ayala, Dress:Jan2x Boutique, Scarf used as Bowtie:SMA,Pumps:Taiwan, Bag:Longchamp (Fake) Ring:Apostrophe



Once again, print on print takes action in these easy steps:

1.) Choose basic prints such as dots and stripes. These prints never go out of style. For plump and petite me, I prefer the vertical stripes and smaller dots to make me look slimmer and taller at the same time!



2.) Keep the focus on the busy outfit by pairing it with neutral accessories, shoes, and bags. Example is my awesome piano ring and nerdy red specs! What do you think?


3.) Recreate your scarves into its’ multipurpose level. In my case, I used it as a humongous bow-tie!  It’s best to invest in printed scarves because you can turn them into headbands, neck scarves,shawls, Bag Accessory, and so on and so forth! The possibilities are endless so get creative!

This outfit not only reminds me of a crazy flight attendant, but a funky educator as well. Don’t you think?


Or possibly some Asian Girl Band Poser! Haha…. Kidding! 😛


I’m most certain that I’ll never pass for being a flight attendant. Given the requirements of height and such, I’ll just have to bid that dream goodbye. However, I do love to travel and explore places if given the chance and budget!  With this outfit, why not? 😛  I’d live to see the day where flight attendants would wear something like this! Haha! 😛 How about you? What’s your dream place to visit?

Midge Klump

I have always been a fan of Archie comics since I was a kid. I still read these comics when I have the time even up to present! Guess who my favorite character is?No, it’s not Midge. It’s Jughead! Though he’s often seen as a couch potato or a lazy bum, I love how he’s clever and funny, most especially the fact that he never gains a pound after eating a dozen of burgers! (Jealous mode.) It’s too bad that I don’t have the right outfit to emulate his carefree style… yet! Soon! I’ll have to rack my brains out to come up with those starchy sweats, suspenders, and most especially his signature crown, which is also a time piece! Avid Archie comic fans could relate! Yes, I’m that nerdy! 😛

As of the moment, I went for the female characters and I believe that would have to be Midge Klump. Despite the wierd family name (Sorry Stan Goldberg!) , I do admire her spunk and attitude and most especially her love for Moose, despite how “dunce” he could be at times.748445-midge_klump1_large

I’m not daring enough to go for this particular outfit but there’s just something about her hair…. Hmm…. 😉


Here’s my version of what Midge would wear to a regular school day…. Think Hairspray and the 60’s! Hello Retro where Pop Art’s all the rage!


Top:BYSI, Skirt:Thailand,Belt:Thrift Store, Necklace:Grandma’s, Bag:Greenhills,Pumps:Taiwan, Bracelets:Gifts



Oh, that’s me “Cartoonified!” LOL! Seriously, who could blame me? We have the same hairstyle!


This cute tribal necklace belonged to my grandma. She couldn’t find a perfect outfit to match it so she gave it to me. Oh the joys of having fashionable grandmas! Thanks Grandma! LOL! 😀


So, do you think I’m ready for a Jughead (female version) post? Well, I hope so…. Soon! ‘Till next post! 😉

Hippie Sunday

I love Sundays… I mean, who doesn’t? It’s the time where I get to attend church service or teach my Sunday school kids, spend time with loved ones, and indulge in my hobbies! What more could I ask for?

I’ve been stressed with so many things lately and maybe it has somehow affected my choice of apparel (to quote my friend. 🙂 ) I’ve always been a fan of the 70’s “Hippie/Woodstock” laid back and carefree hype…. So here goes:



Dress:July, Belt:CEU, Earrings:SEPA, Paisley Print Belt (worn as bandanna):Lavicci, Wedges:Jippi Jappa, Beads:South Shores, Watch:Gorgeous, Bag:Gift







I love earthy colors and this gorgeous dangling pair from SEPA gives my outfit some justice. Don’t you think? 🙂


Fellow “Hippie/vintage” lovers would have to agree that Paisley prints always give a touch of class to any outfit. In my case, this is originally a belt from a dress (I’ll be blogging about the matching dress soon!) and voila, it has now become a bandanna!


Thank you Auntie for the vintage green watch!


This satisfies my colorful tribal needs! 😉


Now all I need is that vintage Volkswagen trailer to hit the road! What do you think?;)


For bookworms and coffee lovers out there who are looking for a new place to hang out, you’d want to go to Sunday 2 PM Café, a Korean owned coffee shop, on the side of Sarossa International Hotel, Mabolo.





It’s a very small coffee shop filled with books and post its everywhere! It’s a bookworm’s haven for sure! I ordered a Korean drink called Sujunggwa, a healthy drink made from persimmons, cinnamon, and other fruits. It opened my taste buds to new horizons! (Drama alert!) My friends ordered Green Tea Frappe, Iced Mocha Frappe, Caramel Frappe, and Pink Lemonade, all served by the owner himself.


There are loads of books to choose from those shelves. In case you are not done with a certain book you are reading, you can just inform the owner of the page and book. So that when you come back, you can continue with your reading. Isn’t that great?  Also, the owner encourages you to look into those books, for hidden treasures (literally). In some of those books are gift checks considered as cash to buy some drinks! Start searching guys!



We were able to avail of their promo in which our drinks reached to about P600 and above, we get a free polaroid shot! Oldschool cool! 😉

I guess the owner had it in mind to let all his customers go out happy… Well, He achieved that goal for us!


Think Happy thoughts guys! I’m definitely going to get my bookworm and coffee moment here! 😉 (Credits to my friend for most of the photos! Your SLR is wonderful! LOL!) ‘Till next post!


I went through this “boyish” phase when I was in my elementary/highschool years. I just couldn’t stand the fact that I have to be so poised and ladylike when I could have more fun running around kicking butt! I cringed whenever I’d receive “girly” gifts such as heels, pink floral shirts, anything with lace! Hello, I’d rather have those gorgeous Adidas sneakers, loose shirts, and jeans! I’ll never forget our petty squabbles with Mom as to my wardrobe for special events…. (Ma:Skirt! Me:Parched Jeans is love!… Ma:*frustrated sigh)

But you don’t need to fret now Ma.. I’ve grown up! (Kind of… 😉 ) I have discovered that it’s actually fun to dress up! Don’t hate me guys, but to put it bluntly, female clothes are more versatile and easier to pair with. Now I don’t shun away florals, lace, or any pink stuff for I have overcome the fear of dressing up like a girl! Haha!!! However, being the frustrated rock star that I am, I recreated pink floral laces into my own kind of vibe….



 I’d like to thank my aunt who gave me this floral lace top in which I was hesitant to wear at first, but then I love how the look came out… So “Romantic Ghetto”, don’t you think? Black and Pink always spell Glam Punk Rock! That’s just how I wanted my outfit to be for the day! Also, this month is one of my close friend’s birthday. She and I share the affinity to the “Rocker” look. Only that she’s more hardcore metal than I am! Am I right dear? 😉


Fedora: SM Accessories,Floral Top:Zara, Necklace:G by Guess, Mullet Skirt:Tango, Bag:Franco Sarto,Ring:Gift, Bracelets:Claire’s Wedges:Comfit





This gorgeous bag was given by my equally gorgeous pals years ago! I still use it because it’s just too pretty!


These cool wedges are from my close pal’s store, Comfit. Not only are they stylish, but they are comfy too!  Do visit the store at J Centre for happy feet!


An advanced Happy Birthday to my Rocker Pal! What do you think of the look? 🙂


My family loves Taiwan. I always get excited every time we go there not just for the food and clothes, but because things are affordable! One thing I haven’t tried in Taiwan was their Shabu2x. I am thankful that I don’t have to go all the way to Taiwan for that because my Taiwanese-Pinay friend, now based here in the Philippines, just opened her restaurant “Taiwan Hot Pot Shabu Shabu”. My food tripper friends and I decided to try it out!


The thought of “Shabu2x” equals to self-cooking or self-service to many. Well, for those who are not fond of cooking, you don’t need to worry; it’s all ready to eat because their staff prepares it for you! These meals are good for 2, so it’s best to come by twos or as a group.


My sis and I ordered the Mongolian Hot Pot, while my other friends went for the Spicy and Curry Hot Pots. My friend also served us a complimentary side dish of spicy cabbage. As much as I love spicy food, my tongue gave up! I believed we all lapped up a good amount of water! Haha! 😀




In conclusion, the food satisfied my taste buds as well as my friends’. It was great to see my friend accomplished, along with her Taiwanese boyfriend. Seeing her reminds me of Taiwan all over! I’m definitely coming back to try other hot pots! Get your Taiwan Hot Pot fix right here!