Hao 2013!

Another year has come and I’m grateful for the things that happened last year, good or bad.  God knows that all these things happen for the good of those who love Him. (Rom 8:28) A New Year always means a new start. This is where New Year’s Resolutions are created… and then broken by midyear, I bet you can relate ei? 🙂

This vicious cycle gets frustrating so I’ve decided to let go of these resolutions. Not that I don’t welcome change, but it’s because as human as I am, I don’t have that strength to change my bad habits. I’m that stubborn, sad to say. 😦  But I do have hope, and that is in Jesus, who gives victory over our shortcomings!  That’s what I’m going to learn to deal with this year….. I deal with my shortcomings through His strength alone and that’s where change happens! It makes perfect sense to me that way!


For our family get together for the new year, I decided to be laid back and wear loose clothes (to hide all the mischievous bulges as a result of the Christmas overeating! 😛 ). Most of what I’m wearing are gifts. I’d like to thank my uncle for the cute top, my dad for the pumps, and my dear friend for the fedora. You guys truly know me!



Top:Just G, White Top:Terranova, Red Jeans:Promod, Pumps:1991, Fedora:Nima, Bag:Relic, Bracelet:South Shores


The leopard print and spikes are so me….These have become one of my favorite pumps… Thanks Dad! (You have better fashion sense than me! LOL!) 😀


I just adore this funky striped fedora! Thanks my dear friend!!! ❤


Cheers to a New Year everyone!  Greet it with a “Hao!” 😉


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