My family loves Taiwan. I always get excited every time we go there not just for the food and clothes, but because things are affordable! One thing I haven’t tried in Taiwan was their Shabu2x. I am thankful that I don’t have to go all the way to Taiwan for that because my Taiwanese-Pinay friend, now based here in the Philippines, just opened her restaurant “Taiwan Hot Pot Shabu Shabu”. My food tripper friends and I decided to try it out!


The thought of “Shabu2x” equals to self-cooking or self-service to many. Well, for those who are not fond of cooking, you don’t need to worry; it’s all ready to eat because their staff prepares it for you! These meals are good for 2, so it’s best to come by twos or as a group.


My sis and I ordered the Mongolian Hot Pot, while my other friends went for the Spicy and Curry Hot Pots. My friend also served us a complimentary side dish of spicy cabbage. As much as I love spicy food, my tongue gave up! I believed we all lapped up a good amount of water! Haha! 😀




In conclusion, the food satisfied my taste buds as well as my friends’. It was great to see my friend accomplished, along with her Taiwanese boyfriend. Seeing her reminds me of Taiwan all over! I’m definitely coming back to try other hot pots! Get your Taiwan Hot Pot fix right here!


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