I went through this “boyish” phase when I was in my elementary/highschool years. I just couldn’t stand the fact that I have to be so poised and ladylike when I could have more fun running around kicking butt! I cringed whenever I’d receive “girly” gifts such as heels, pink floral shirts, anything with lace! Hello, I’d rather have those gorgeous Adidas sneakers, loose shirts, and jeans! I’ll never forget our petty squabbles with Mom as to my wardrobe for special events…. (Ma:Skirt! Me:Parched Jeans is love!… Ma:*frustrated sigh)

But you don’t need to fret now Ma.. I’ve grown up! (Kind of… 😉 ) I have discovered that it’s actually fun to dress up! Don’t hate me guys, but to put it bluntly, female clothes are more versatile and easier to pair with. Now I don’t shun away florals, lace, or any pink stuff for I have overcome the fear of dressing up like a girl! Haha!!! However, being the frustrated rock star that I am, I recreated pink floral laces into my own kind of vibe….



 I’d like to thank my aunt who gave me this floral lace top in which I was hesitant to wear at first, but then I love how the look came out… So “Romantic Ghetto”, don’t you think? Black and Pink always spell Glam Punk Rock! That’s just how I wanted my outfit to be for the day! Also, this month is one of my close friend’s birthday. She and I share the affinity to the “Rocker” look. Only that she’s more hardcore metal than I am! Am I right dear? 😉


Fedora: SM Accessories,Floral Top:Zara, Necklace:G by Guess, Mullet Skirt:Tango, Bag:Franco Sarto,Ring:Gift, Bracelets:Claire’s Wedges:Comfit





This gorgeous bag was given by my equally gorgeous pals years ago! I still use it because it’s just too pretty!


These cool wedges are from my close pal’s store, Comfit. Not only are they stylish, but they are comfy too!  Do visit the store at J Centre for happy feet!


An advanced Happy Birthday to my Rocker Pal! What do you think of the look? 🙂



  1. Waw! As always, the way you mix and match apparel show that they totally complement each other! And pink and black being the color combo for glam punk rock \m/, ! i can just imagine the skulls and hearts xD! And the style you did with your hair is awesome o_____o!!! love the poses! *paprazzi shots* lol

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