For bookworms and coffee lovers out there who are looking for a new place to hang out, you’d want to go to Sunday 2 PM Café, a Korean owned coffee shop, on the side of Sarossa International Hotel, Mabolo.





It’s a very small coffee shop filled with books and post its everywhere! It’s a bookworm’s haven for sure! I ordered a Korean drink called Sujunggwa, a healthy drink made from persimmons, cinnamon, and other fruits. It opened my taste buds to new horizons! (Drama alert!) My friends ordered Green Tea Frappe, Iced Mocha Frappe, Caramel Frappe, and Pink Lemonade, all served by the owner himself.


There are loads of books to choose from those shelves. In case you are not done with a certain book you are reading, you can just inform the owner of the page and book. So that when you come back, you can continue with your reading. Isn’t that great?  Also, the owner encourages you to look into those books, for hidden treasures (literally). In some of those books are gift checks considered as cash to buy some drinks! Start searching guys!



We were able to avail of their promo in which our drinks reached to about P600 and above, we get a free polaroid shot! Oldschool cool! 😉

I guess the owner had it in mind to let all his customers go out happy… Well, He achieved that goal for us!


Think Happy thoughts guys! I’m definitely going to get my bookworm and coffee moment here! 😉 (Credits to my friend for most of the photos! Your SLR is wonderful! LOL!) ‘Till next post!


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