Hippie Sunday

I love Sundays… I mean, who doesn’t? It’s the time where I get to attend church service or teach my Sunday school kids, spend time with loved ones, and indulge in my hobbies! What more could I ask for?

I’ve been stressed with so many things lately and maybe it has somehow affected my choice of apparel (to quote my friend. 🙂 ) I’ve always been a fan of the 70’s “Hippie/Woodstock” laid back and carefree hype…. So here goes:



Dress:July, Belt:CEU, Earrings:SEPA, Paisley Print Belt (worn as bandanna):Lavicci, Wedges:Jippi Jappa, Beads:South Shores, Watch:Gorgeous, Bag:Gift







I love earthy colors and this gorgeous dangling pair from SEPA gives my outfit some justice. Don’t you think? 🙂


Fellow “Hippie/vintage” lovers would have to agree that Paisley prints always give a touch of class to any outfit. In my case, this is originally a belt from a dress (I’ll be blogging about the matching dress soon!) and voila, it has now become a bandanna!


Thank you Auntie for the vintage green watch!


This satisfies my colorful tribal needs! 😉


Now all I need is that vintage Volkswagen trailer to hit the road! What do you think?;)


2 thoughts on “Hippie Sunday

  1. i suggest,borrow Tyrone’s baby.the color would definitely perks the onlookers.love the wedge.

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