Midge Klump

I have always been a fan of Archie comics since I was a kid. I still read these comics when I have the time even up to present! Guess who my favorite character is?No, it’s not Midge. It’s Jughead! Though he’s often seen as a couch potato or a lazy bum, I love how he’s clever and funny, most especially the fact that he never gains a pound after eating a dozen of burgers! (Jealous mode.) It’s too bad that I don’t have the right outfit to emulate his carefree style… yet! Soon! I’ll have to rack my brains out to come up with those starchy sweats, suspenders, and most especially his signature crown, which is also a time piece! Avid Archie comic fans could relate! Yes, I’m that nerdy! 😛

As of the moment, I went for the female characters and I believe that would have to be Midge Klump. Despite the wierd family name (Sorry Stan Goldberg!) , I do admire her spunk and attitude and most especially her love for Moose, despite how “dunce” he could be at times.748445-midge_klump1_large

I’m not daring enough to go for this particular outfit but there’s just something about her hair…. Hmm…. 😉


Here’s my version of what Midge would wear to a regular school day…. Think Hairspray and the 60’s! Hello Retro where Pop Art’s all the rage!


Top:BYSI, Skirt:Thailand,Belt:Thrift Store, Necklace:Grandma’s, Bag:Greenhills,Pumps:Taiwan, Bracelets:Gifts



Oh, that’s me “Cartoonified!” LOL! Seriously, who could blame me? We have the same hairstyle!


This cute tribal necklace belonged to my grandma. She couldn’t find a perfect outfit to match it so she gave it to me. Oh the joys of having fashionable grandmas! Thanks Grandma! LOL! 😀


So, do you think I’m ready for a Jughead (female version) post? Well, I hope so…. Soon! ‘Till next post! 😉


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