Drunk Flight Attendant

Welcome to the world of  crazy preppy with this print on print outfit I chose to wear last Sunday! My close pal said that I looked like a drunk flight attendant, hence, the title of this post! My mom simply shook her head when she saw me in this outfit! 😛


Striped Top:Metro Ayala, Dress:Jan2x Boutique, Scarf used as Bowtie:SMA,Pumps:Taiwan, Bag:Longchamp (Fake) Ring:Apostrophe



Once again, print on print takes action in these easy steps:

1.) Choose basic prints such as dots and stripes. These prints never go out of style. For plump and petite me, I prefer the vertical stripes and smaller dots to make me look slimmer and taller at the same time!



2.) Keep the focus on the busy outfit by pairing it with neutral accessories, shoes, and bags. Example is my awesome piano ring and nerdy red specs! What do you think?


3.) Recreate your scarves into its’ multipurpose level. In my case, I used it as a humongous bow-tie!  It’s best to invest in printed scarves because you can turn them into headbands, neck scarves,shawls, Bag Accessory, and so on and so forth! The possibilities are endless so get creative!

This outfit not only reminds me of a crazy flight attendant, but a funky educator as well. Don’t you think?


Or possibly some Asian Girl Band Poser! Haha…. Kidding! 😛


I’m most certain that I’ll never pass for being a flight attendant. Given the requirements of height and such, I’ll just have to bid that dream goodbye. However, I do love to travel and explore places if given the chance and budget!  With this outfit, why not? 😛  I’d live to see the day where flight attendants would wear something like this! Haha! 😛 How about you? What’s your dream place to visit?


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