FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Nonki Japanese Restaurant

Raving for some authentic Japanese cuisine? Then indulge in Nonki Japanese Restaurant, Mandaue. This is one of our family’s favorite restaurants to date. They have been serving great quality food for years and despite the same orders we have, it never fails to satisfy our taste buds….

Here are some of our favorite grub: (Warning: Don’t read while you’re hungry!)


Care for Sea Urchin (Uni) anyone? This is by grandma’s favorite!


I’m a California Maki girl… but try this Crunchy roll as an alternative… Yum!


Into sushi and sashimi? I always order these salmon donggan rolls. Try them to get a perspective of authentic Japanese cuisine! 😛


The famous Agedashi Tofu… A Must Try!


My no fail order as always, Gyoza dumplings!


Grilled Salmon Belly is Love!


Craving for some crunch? Ebi Tempura is your answer. If you’re not into shrip, you can order Vegetable Tempura or Seafood Tempura!


Salmon Head Arani goes well with Chahan (Japanese Fried Rice)


To get your veggie fix, this bowl of Yasai Itame would do!


To Cap off a sumptuous dinner, their green tea matcha ice cream is a must! You can also order this together with fruits…simply Heavenly!

Wipe your mouths before you salivate to dehydration! Haha! So what are you waiting for? Get out and try these  おいしい  “Oishi” (Tasty in Japanese) treats only at Nonki! (どうもありがとうございました) Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita and さようなら Sayonara!

How I wish I knew what ‘Till Next Blog in Japanese means! Oh well… ‘Till next pig out then! 😛


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