Teaching, My Reward

“We become teachers because at our core, we believe all people are entitled to a productive, fulfilling life. Teaching is a chance to do something professionally meaningful and personally rewarding to make this a reality.” – Elizabeth C. Manvell (Teaching Is A Privilege)-

I thank God for giving me the privilege to teach preschool kids on Sundays. It’s been an amazing 12 years so far! This sounds like I’m leaving the ministry but don’t worry I’m not! 😉

Teaching is never a piece of cake. You have to knock your brains off just to come up with a lesson that would blow the little ones away! Since our group is handling preschoolers, we have to think like them as well. Telling stories using simple sentences is as difficult as memorizing the National Anthem backwards! These kids have a short attention span so if you are able to keep them entertained even for 10 minutes straight, you are definitely my idol!

There were some bumps, turns, and unavoidable circumstances throughout my teaching that led me to think about quitting. However, when I start seeing the kids listen to our stories, talk to us, pray from their hearts, or simply thank us for being their teacher, I forget all these negative thinking. I then beam with pride and remember that material things can never replace these moments!

Speaking of those moments, we recently celebrated Valentine’s Day. Everyone was probably full of love or busy spreading love in whatever form they could. That week, one of my previous students who is now in elementary, gave most of us, teachers, sweet treats with a sweet note simply thanking us for being his mentors in Christ.


This totally made my Valentine’s celebration complete! I believe this goes for my co-teachers who received his sweet and thoughtful gift!

Our Sunday School group usually celebrates our late Christmas party… make that “Super” late Christmas party after December. We celebrated it this month as a form of appreciation to all teachers from different levels for our hard work bringing up kids to the Lord! Before I go there, let me quickly tell you about what I wore:


Since we were headed to the famous “Lantaw” Floating Restaurant, I went for light  and breezy pieces. If you have been following my blog, you would notice that this dress is the matching piece to the belt turned bandanna in my previous post, https://jellybites.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/hippie-sunday/! Ah, the beauty of resourcefulness… Hehe!


Dress:Lavicci, Beads:Claire’s, Fedora:NIMA, Earrings:Gift, Ring:Greenhills, Bag:Black Sheep,Flats:Payless,Shades:Terranova,Belt:Kashieca



Now enough of my vain self, and on to the celebration!










We exchanged gifts after our lunch. The challenge was to make your gift as creative as possible within the budget of P30.00. Nothing above that!


This is what I gave my “manita”.. I personalized this simple memo pad with an owl and a verse from Proverbs because I believe she has the gift of wisdom! As for what I received…..


IMG_0035BOOM! This is probably one of the most creative gifts I’ve received so far!  She truly knows me…. *sniffles* When I brought this home, my mother and grandmother ,both pianists themselves, quickly thought of how to display it! Haha! 😀


She even made this Cow Sun Visor for me… Technically, this is one of her crafts in Toddler Class… I just got to share in the blessing! Haha!!! For those who are stuck in a rut with craft ideas, creativity is just a call away. Quick, get her number! 😉


My violinist/fashionista friend who switched fashion plates with me… She teaches preschool too… 😉 She’s also responsible for the better quality of most of these photos because she and her sister gave me an early Birthday present! Thanks so much!

You must be thinking that it must be swell to be a Sunday School teacher because we get all these parties and benefits. Well, it’s more than that. First of all, the goal is not to get the benefit for ourselves, but the benefit of the students we teach…. Seeing them grow in the Lord is enough than these gifts we receive! Plus, some of our students are even teaching Sunday School already! Men,I feel so old… I don’t want to admit it… Hehe… 😉

Anyways, here’s a picture of what our Preschool class looks like:



Aren’t they so well behaved? 😉


In conclusion and as an encouragement to my fellow Sunday School teachers, let us not give up on our esteemed task. That is to lead the little ones to Jesus in a way that they can understand. So that one day when they grow up, the things we teach them, by God’s leading and wisdom, will stick like glue into their hearts and minds that they will bring it with them until the end!! Let us teach not because we have to but because we love to. Let teaching itself become one of life’s greatest rewards! Press on!


(Photo cred goes to my pal’s awesome cam phone!…. Because I just have to have a vain moment! LOL!)

To More Outings…Next Year!!! 😉



I’m sorry for the late post. I’ve been swamped with a lot of work and it’s a bit hard to keep up. Anyways, here’s a post about how I spent my Valentine’s Day! 🙂

By this time, people have been prodding me on who my date is and if I have a boyfriend. (The million dollar question!) Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes I have a date on Valentine’s Day and No I don’t have a boyfriend yet. Surprise! I have a date with a wedding gig on Valentine’s Day.. How romantic is that? My pals and I were asked to play for our friend on her big day. Of course, I never back out from gigs like these so I said yes, and so did my church mates.

Since the event would be held in a swanky hotel with a garden wedding theme, I’d have to dress up really well fit to the occasion. It is time to bring on the frills and florals! Instead of the usual cliche pink or red garb fit for Valentine’s Day, my pals and I decided to go with purple.  Here’s my outfit of choice:


Dress: Ilaya Couture, Headband:Broadway Gems, Earrings:SEPA, Clutch:Gucci, Bracelet:CLN,Wedges:Jippi Jappa




I used to shun away from makeup. But now I’m learning to like it and I love how it could make you look different in a good way! Since it’s Valentine’s Day… I went for pink and purple hues on my eyes and lips. What do you think?



Looking so apt for the occasion, my dress has flowers in the chest area formed into a big heart! The fashion cupid must have hit me! LOL!  I wanted to look simple but elegant, letting all the focus go to the dress. So,I chose to wear floral wedges, my trusty sparkly headband, earrings, and a glam clutch and I’m good to go!


It’s a date-worthy attire, don’t you think? 😉

Now, enough of my look and on to the main event! Here are some pictures taken from my camera and my friend’s phone cam:



Don’t you love the romantic aura?



My church mate  made these “Valentine’s Day” inspired Carrot Cupcakes for us, the “performers”.  We definitely needed that “Sugar Rush” for  the event! Thanks for these yummy treats! I’d be expecting another batch when we are asked to play for another gig! 😉


These guys have been my partners in crime in gigs like these… The transitions and arrangements wouldn’t be as epic without you! (Cheeseball moment!)



My “fashionista” pal chose to wear a romantic-gothic inspired purple laced dress. She gives vintage glamour a new meaning, don’t you think? 😉


She had her pretty digits done with nail art  in Hollywood Nails, J Centre. It perfectly matches her whole outfit… perfect for Valentine’s Day indeed!


I was too busy to have my nails done. So, I painted my toenails with this “Party-Ready” Lilac color. These floral wedges would have to give it justice! LOL!


The pretty lady in between us was our official wedding singer. Don’t be fooled by her slight structure.  Her voice can summon angels from Heaven! Pardon the exaggeration, but it’s the truth! Without her, our arrangements wouldn’t be awesome as well! Thank you for putting up with our antics! 😉


Had a photo op with the officiating minister who’s a bundle of laughs all throughout the event!


The lovely bride

DSC02970 DSC02968

The bride’s sister who’s going to be next down the aisle? Hehe…. Perhaps! 😉


My friend does have an eye of a photographer, don’t you think?


Favorite part of every wedding






It was an intimate but romantic wedding and I was really glad to be part of the couple’s happiest moment of their lives. It was a great Valentine’s Date indeed and I couldn’t ask for a more romantic date than that! We were exhausted but we had tons of fun, I believe my church mates would agree!

Since this is the month of love, I’d like to leave out words of wisdom for you guys!  Don’t fret when you didn’t receive any flowers, chocolates, or gifts. Valentine’s Day is just a holiday. It doesn’t mean that you can’t show love or receive love on other days, right? So start spreading some love to the people around you…No need for mushy notes or expensive gifts! Just simply be there for your loved ones in need and offer a prayer for them! That’s probably going to be a more valuable gift that you could give than anything else!

A Happy Hearts Day to all and my warmest Congratulations to the newly-wed couple! Cheers to more blessings in this road called life! 😉


Till’ future gigs and awesome music to come!

School Girl

It’s been 2 years since I’ve graduated and I hate to say that I miss school. Students who read this probably won’t agree with me but I couldn’t help it! I miss feeling all “nerdy” and “know -it- all” when I give reports. I miss hanging out with friends on the hallways or the canteen. I miss eating street food and chasing after teachers because we were way past our project deadlines. It’s just so different from the career life! My opinion of the matter is that students were always richer than career people. I believe that applies up to this point. 😛 Goodbye allowance and it’s time to start managing your salary! It’s time to weigh the pros and cons in buying stuff and saving for a rainy day.

I know I won’t have the chance to walk the hallways of any school these days. So, I’ll just have to make up for it with what I’m wearing with this outfit I decided to wear on a night out with my high school friends… More on that later….


Polo Top:Human;Tank:F21,Jeans:Taiwan,Sneakers:Converse,Watch:O’Clock,Ring:Cache Cache,Headband:Broadway Gems,Earrings:Claire’s, Mail Bag: Greenhills

During my college years, I’ve never had the privilege to wear comfy clothes as much as I’ve wanted to. Being in a medical school, it’s all about wearing your complete uniforms and ID’s or else you can’t enter class. For those who are able to wear clothes other than uniforms. Consider yourself blessed! However, we all know most schools are strict with the dress code. These rules don’t mean that you should look drabby all the way. Mix up those creative juices by wearing your personality yet staying within the school’s rules! For those who are looking for ideas, check out these tips:

1.)    The shirt-jeans-sneaks combo is a no-fail school outfit. It’s super comfy that you can possibly do some acrobatic stunts with it… I’m kidding…. Besides, who wants to go to school with starchy and stiff clothes especially in a humid weather like this?


2.)    Instead of boring denim jeans, why not go for printed jeans and pairing them with plain tops for a change?

3.)    Make sure to always wear a watch so that you don’t have an excuse to be late for your classes!

4.)    Bags with a lot of compartments are very practical for students. You don’t necessarily need a backpack, bring a funky mail bag instead.


5.) Don on some practical accessories such as headbands, earrings, and rings so as it is part of your school’s dress code.





Don’t I look like a normal student cramming along the hallways? LOL!


Or probably hailing a jeep or cab because I’m super late! 😛


I’m a fan of Statement or Slogan Tees as long as it actually means something. Take this tank for example: It practically speaks out all the characteristics of my best friend, Jesus. It’s what made me buy this top without hesitation in the first place! I’m not trying to show off but I want everyone to know who I believe in even if I don’t say anything. Thus, this marks my slogan for life, to remember who Jesus is! Also, my polo top has a little G-clef on the upper left corner signifying my love for music. Say goodbye to “blah” School Wear! Inject your personality in your outfits and see the difference. Psychology has to do with it, but creative dressing could probably perk you up in class! Haha! 😉 Besides, Who ever said “School Wear” is for school only? What do you think?

  I’ll end this post with some pics from our mini celebration with my high school girl pals:



If you have been following my blog, you’d notice that my lovely pal is now a bride to be after playing a mini game during our other pal’s bridal shower!  https://jellybites.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/bridal-shower-6/


My Korean friend who came back from Seoul…. who’s super fluent in Cebuano… So don’t be fooled! 😛

DSC02862‘Till next get together guys! 😉

Frustrated Musician

frustrated musician

There are times when we get so disappointed especially when things don’t go our way. We become frustrated and then end up doing things we regret as a result. I remember those times when I practiced so hard on a certain piece for a recital. When the final presentation comes, I bungle through most of the notes and I sulk because my practice was way better than the final performance. Life goes on however, and I’ve learned from time to time, that I’m not perfect after all. I’d have to agree that musicians are perfectionists. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have awesome legendary compositions or songs today. To be a great musician, I have learned that it’s not to be the best among the rest. It is to always have that mindset that we are not better than anybody and we ALWAYS find ways to improve ourselves to play better and better each time!

One thing I have learned when I recently joined an orchestra, is Unity. We should always play as a group and keep our eyes on the conductor and of course our scores. We should never play for ourselves unless it’s a solo recital or a solo concert.  The “getting along”  between musicians proves too great a challenge sometimes. The most common factor why we don’t see eye to eye? ….. PRIDE……

Pride has always been the great destroyer of relationships. If people are not willing to let it go, it sticks until it seeps off your soul. Pardon the drama, but that’s just the reality. In fact, pride is the worst sin that caused Satan to eternal damnation. God spits at pride and so should we. Our pastor shared about Humility and quoted from the story found in the Bible (Luke 22:24 and John 13), wherein Jesus’ disciples were arguing who was the greatest while the Savior of the world washed His disciples’ feet. Talk about someone who walks His talk, that’s Jesus for you!  Could you imagine our President shining your shoes by the streets?…. I know I could… Okay, I’m kidding….  But seriously, who would ever have thought that Jesus would go that far by dying for us? In that way, He gave humility a whole new meaning. He showed his squabbling disciples that to be the greatest, you would have to go low as possible, even when people won’t notice you anymore. There’s just no room for pride and selfishness! Tough, isn’t it?

In pertinence to being a musician, the goal is not to be the best musician in the world. That would always lead to frustration. With hard work, humility, and inspiration from the greatest Musician up there, we can become the musician we were meant to be. Let’s work off those frustrations and embrace the beauty of music itself instead of trying to be the best. To my fellow musicians, let’s remember that all our playing should be for Him alone!

Cross My Heart


I’ve always had a soft spot for crosses.  Not just because it’s a symbol of Christianity, but because it constantly reminds me of how Jesus gave his life for me while I was at my worst… Isn’t that just wonderful?


I decided to keep things low key and let the focus be on my cross print top and “Mod”-ish skirt…. I love how the sophisticated look came out and it was so apt that I wore this to church!


Top & Skirt:F21,Bib Necklace:Just G, Earrings:Gift, Headband:Gorgeous,Bracelets:Old, Pumps:Payless, Bag:Mom’s


My Mom’s bag is so “Rock Star” …. That’s probably why she gave it to me… Hahaha….:D




Our house help bought these cool earrings for me… I never knew she’s got a sense of style! 😛



We’ve heard the phrase, “Cross my Heart and Hope to Die” when someone makes a promise. Up to now, I’ve never understood its’ relevance to the promise being kept for a lifetime. It is sad that at most times, promises are broken when one is not careful. But that’s just the fact of life, we are naturally weak. However, just like the symbolism of the cross in Christianity, it reminds us of God’s greatest promise to the world. When God promises, He NEVER breaks it! He truly fulfills it! So when he promised to send a Savior to save us from our sins, no doubt did he fulfill that! Up to present, God keeps His promises and that is the reason why Jesus is my best friend! The best part? He wants to be your friend too! He’s just waiting for you to take His hand and make Him take charge of your life and I promise you, your life won’t be the same! ‘Till next blog! 🙂