Cross My Heart


I’ve always had a soft spot for crosses.  Not just because it’s a symbol of Christianity, but because it constantly reminds me of how Jesus gave his life for me while I was at my worst… Isn’t that just wonderful?


I decided to keep things low key and let the focus be on my cross print top and “Mod”-ish skirt…. I love how the sophisticated look came out and it was so apt that I wore this to church!


Top & Skirt:F21,Bib Necklace:Just G, Earrings:Gift, Headband:Gorgeous,Bracelets:Old, Pumps:Payless, Bag:Mom’s


My Mom’s bag is so “Rock Star” …. That’s probably why she gave it to me… Hahaha….:D




Our house help bought these cool earrings for me… I never knew she’s got a sense of style! 😛



We’ve heard the phrase, “Cross my Heart and Hope to Die” when someone makes a promise. Up to now, I’ve never understood its’ relevance to the promise being kept for a lifetime. It is sad that at most times, promises are broken when one is not careful. But that’s just the fact of life, we are naturally weak. However, just like the symbolism of the cross in Christianity, it reminds us of God’s greatest promise to the world. When God promises, He NEVER breaks it! He truly fulfills it! So when he promised to send a Savior to save us from our sins, no doubt did he fulfill that! Up to present, God keeps His promises and that is the reason why Jesus is my best friend! The best part? He wants to be your friend too! He’s just waiting for you to take His hand and make Him take charge of your life and I promise you, your life won’t be the same! ‘Till next blog! 🙂


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