Frustrated Musician

frustrated musician

There are times when we get so disappointed especially when things don’t go our way. We become frustrated and then end up doing things we regret as a result. I remember those times when I practiced so hard on a certain piece for a recital. When the final presentation comes, I bungle through most of the notes and I sulk because my practice was way better than the final performance. Life goes on however, and I’ve learned from time to time, that I’m not perfect after all. I’d have to agree that musicians are perfectionists. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have awesome legendary compositions or songs today. To be a great musician, I have learned that it’s not to be the best among the rest. It is to always have that mindset that we are not better than anybody and we ALWAYS find ways to improve ourselves to play better and better each time!

One thing I have learned when I recently joined an orchestra, is Unity. We should always play as a group and keep our eyes on the conductor and of course our scores. We should never play for ourselves unless it’s a solo recital or a solo concert.  The “getting along”  between musicians proves too great a challenge sometimes. The most common factor why we don’t see eye to eye? ….. PRIDE……

Pride has always been the great destroyer of relationships. If people are not willing to let it go, it sticks until it seeps off your soul. Pardon the drama, but that’s just the reality. In fact, pride is the worst sin that caused Satan to eternal damnation. God spits at pride and so should we. Our pastor shared about Humility and quoted from the story found in the Bible (Luke 22:24 and John 13), wherein Jesus’ disciples were arguing who was the greatest while the Savior of the world washed His disciples’ feet. Talk about someone who walks His talk, that’s Jesus for you!  Could you imagine our President shining your shoes by the streets?…. I know I could… Okay, I’m kidding….  But seriously, who would ever have thought that Jesus would go that far by dying for us? In that way, He gave humility a whole new meaning. He showed his squabbling disciples that to be the greatest, you would have to go low as possible, even when people won’t notice you anymore. There’s just no room for pride and selfishness! Tough, isn’t it?

In pertinence to being a musician, the goal is not to be the best musician in the world. That would always lead to frustration. With hard work, humility, and inspiration from the greatest Musician up there, we can become the musician we were meant to be. Let’s work off those frustrations and embrace the beauty of music itself instead of trying to be the best. To my fellow musicians, let’s remember that all our playing should be for Him alone!


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